6th and 8th Grade Math

With Ms. Watkins

March 13, 2015 Volume 25

Please check and sign your child's assessment folder.

Office Hours

Every Tuesday from 3:15-4:00 I have what I refer to as office hours. This is a time when students may come in and begin their homework, work on the script or a reassessment video, or just receive additional help. This week we had several students in for the office hours and many finished all their math homework during that time. If your child wants to attend it is open for all. Below are some expectations for all who come. The purpose of sharing these are to make it clear that this time is for understanding math.


  1. Work on math material first.
  2. Keep voices down so that everyone can focus on their own material.
  3. If a student wants or needs a snack please make sure it is nut free.


In the same way we do varied assessments for the standards, there will be varied reassessments based on the topics and standards that are being reassessed during the third trimester.

6th Grade Math

This week I began with section 7.2 which is about angles and angle pair relationships. Students were able to identify adjacent, supplementary, and complementary angles. On Tuesday the focus of the class was triangles. We discussed how to classify them according to side measurements and angle measurements. Students were able to determine the measure of an angle in a triangle using the fact that the sum of the angles in a triangle is 180 degrees. On Wednesday we classified polygons. Students were able to identify polygons as regular or irregular and categorize them by the number of sides from 3 to 10. The second half of class was devoted to risk level practice with some students working on mathletics for about 5 minutes. On Thursday we reviewed the material. Students were given the study guide as well as a review handout to work on. Friday I only met with 6A, so students were given the option of working on their study guide or watching short video's related to pi (since Saturday is pi day). On Monday there is a quiz on 7.1-7.4.

8th Grade Math

This week we continued to solve systems of linear equations. On Monday the focus was using elimination to solve systems of equations. On Tuesday we moved to applications of systems of linear equations. Students were given word problems and had to write two linear equations for the problem and then solve the system. I talked about the process for solving systems as 1: identify the variables, 2: set up the equations, 3: solve the equations, and 4: check your answer. Based on feedback I focused Wednesday's class on creating the equations for a word problem. On Thursday students were given material to review and I worked with students that had questions about elimination. On Friday they took their quiz.