Nymphs Die

By: Tatiana

Nymph Found Dead Near a Cavern.

Early Monday morning, there was a female nymph found dead in the leafy forests near a cavern. The nymphs body was all dried up. The bones of the nymphs body were laying there on the ground turned to stone. It doesn't seem like the nymph had gotten killed. It seems like the body of the nymph has been here for hundreds of years.

I went around and asked a couple sources if they saw anything, one source said that Saturday they say a nymph walk into the woods but never come out. Another source said that they never saw anything and they were camping in the woods that very night. A third source said that they were camping too and heard somebody crying near a tree. A nymph nearby who had heard us talking said that a nymph named Echo had went missing a couple years. They said that Echo had gone missing around the same place of the nymph that we were talking about.

Now we know the name of the dead nymph, Echo.

Another Nymph Found Dead Near a River

Late Thursday there was another nymph found dead near a river. It looked like the Nymph had drowned in the lake. There were dead flower petals found near the nymph body. The body was then brought to a cemetery and they had a big reception for the nymph. The body was on a bier and there were torches all around. Right before they put the nymph in the ground it turned into a flower.

A couple days after the reception Twitter blew up with a bunch of posts about a nymph who had died. We saw posts like, "What desperately sad news about Narcissus! He was such a great friend to me I'm gonna miss him so much!" and, "Whoever knew Narcissus knew that he was such a great nymph and friend. He will be dearly missed!"

Now we know the name of the second dead nymph, Narcissus.