By Juan Puebla

What was the Change?

There were many changes in Italy during the renaissance era. For Example, there was a HUGE rebirth in Greek and roman culture. Also, it had affected people in many ways. It made the "known' people in this era such as Leonardo DaVinci very, very wealthy. In the era, many things were done, and invented. All those will be listed in the following paragraph.

Who were the people associated with the change?

There were many people associated with this historical era in life. People such as Leonardo DaVinci;Michelangelo; and Raphael were involved in history's making. Leonardo painted many famous pictures such as The Mona Lisa, The last supper, and others. Michelangelo created the statue of David, and his painting " The Sistine Chapel. Finally Raphael created St. Peter's Basilica. All these painters had something in common. They were all art creators, and their masterpieces are priceless in today's world.

How did the change impact society at the time?

During this time, it had impacted society in many ways. For example, people who were very artistic and intelligent became very wealthy, and thye got all the women. Many artists such as Leonardo DaVinci got payed to paint portraits of people, as in the picture shown under, he got payed to paint a portrait of a man's wife. Which was given to "Mona Lisa" as a gift.

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How is that change evidenced in today's modern society?

In today's modern society, these arts are still being showcased in thousands of art shows across the globe. These masterpieces bring millions to art shows, they help the economy in many unique ways.Indeed some technology's are used today, without them, many processes would take much longer. The technology i'm am stating is the Printing Press. This made processes much faster, and easier. Now, we makes millions of books and newspapers in a matter of seconds. Without it, we would be copying 800 page textbooks by hand. Learning materials would be very scarce across the globe.

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