The Lions of Little Rock

By:Belamy C. Audrey B. Akasha C.

A Book About....

Belamy: Its 1958 in Little Rock Arkansas,Imagine not being able to go to school with your Hispanic or African American Friend because they aren't white and you are.That's how it was in 1958 kids had segregated schools and education was different for the white people vs. anybody who was colored. Also if you disagreed the KKK might call you with a threatening phone call or even give you a letter like that. But some people decided that if their skin was really light they could pass for white like a character in the book had done and it was a dangerous thing. If anybody found out you could be beaten up or even killed. Colored people were trying to live in peace and just have their children go to good schools. While integration with the Little Rock nine was heating up and segregation wanted to stay.
Audrey: Life was dangerous in 1958 for the people of Little Rock, this was because Little Rock was in an argument about segregation and integration. It was so bad in little rock that people could not even go to school for a long time. Also people were treated unfairly, such as the people who were white had better education then blacks, and if you were very light skinned and passed as white and someone found out you were colored then you are in a lot of danger and this could even cost you our life. But not all whites was against segregation, some of the whites wanted everyone to get along and not have all these problems, but the ones who did think this was threaten with voice calls ad mail letters by the KKK. The KKK is a group that were all white and did not like the blacks and thought that the blacks needed to be under the white rule. I think this book is about how you can be friends no matter what because the two main charterers in the book were different race and were best friends even though it put there life in danger.

Who were the little rock nine

They were nine students who were the first to integrate into that white high school in Little Rock Arkansas. There were threats and protests when they tried to enter the schools. Some white families didn't let there children go to school and allowed them to stay home. It was so bad that the federal Marshall had to make sure they entered and exited the school safely and they had to be escorted places as well.
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During this time things were not only segregated but completely different most African Americans couldn't vote because the poll taxes were so expensive. The supreme court came up with reasons from previous court rulings saying that's why blacks and whites weren't equal and didn't have the same rights. Black people didn't have the same job opportunities or education opportunities.


In 1954 schools were said to be equal by the supreme court but still there was segregation through other states that wasn't removed having segregation hearings helped but there were still unequal things going on. We still weren't allowed to go to the same colleges as whites until 1996 when race and university admissions were no longer prohibited.
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When some states integrated

Friday, April 30th 1954 at 12am

Washington, DC, United States

Washington, DC

I cited from the text so I was exact"In a unanimous opinion, the Supreme Court in Brown v. Board of Education overturns Plessy and declares that separate schools are "inherently unequal." The Court delays deciding on how to implement the decision and asks for another round of arguments.

The Court rules that the federal government is under the same duty as the states and must desegregate the Washington, D.C., schools. (Bolling v. Sharpe)" They integrated Washington DC schools only. In "Between 1955 and 1960, federal judges will hold more than 200 school desegregation hearings"


People argued about putting people with a different color of skin in different places and it went on for years was it right, No but people couldn't even talk to each other because of one persons view that one person was superior to another. But people stood up to the law and went to an all white school people like ruby bridges and the little rock nine and people protesting against the segregation. And now people can sit next to their Hispanic or African American friend with no worries and can get equal job opportunities and wages.