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what is a parachute? what does a parachute do? how do parachutes work?

A parachute is a piece of fabric that slow downs a falling person or object.When something falls the force of gravity pulls it back down to earth. However lots of air pushes against the object as it falls. This air resistance works against the gravity force. A parachute has a very large surface.It spreads out so much that lots more air pushes against it.Which increases air resistance.Parachutes can also slow down people on the ground

what are parachutes used for

One of the early uses of parachutes was to allow descent from gas-filled balloons. Since the development of airplanes, parachutes have been used for emergency jumps from damaged aircraft and skydiving. Sometimes Airplanes drop food and medicine by parachute to places that cannot be reached easily by other vehicles and technology. Special military uses for parachutes were developed during the 1930's. Some landing airplanes use parachutes as brakes, as do some high-speed race cars. Parachutes are also used to recover reusable booster rockets that separate from spacecraft in the atmosphere.

This is what a parachute looks like

Parachutes can help us in so many ways!

don't be scared of using a parachute

parachutes are completely safe, you should never be worried about using them. Parachutes have been used for many years and have been modififed to make you sure you are safe.