Trip to Worlds of Fun

By: Allegiance

Question: What rides are we going to ride today? My Uncle, Cousin, Dad, and I all get to Worlds of Fun and are ready to ride some rides, but something happens.

We got there and the very first ride we rode was the Mamba, it was so much fun. After we rode that we started walking to a new ride when we came across some food we were all starving so we were ready to go and eat somewhere. We ordered the food then went and found some place to sit down.

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“This sure is some good food” I said We’re all putting food in our mouths. “Yeah it is but I would have rather got something different this isn't to die for”. My cousin replied. Her dad shook his head, “Quit complaining and just eat your food”.

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We get off the Patriot, clean up her knee put on a new bandage and then she's fine. Later on that night we get to her house so we can grab our car to go home, then she comes to my house and stays the night.

When we get to my house we go into the kitchen and eat some more food, we made a pizza for my Dad, my Cousin, and I it was really good

when we get done my cousin and I run into my room and make a fort. The thing was huge, after that we layed down and fell asleep I guess we were really tired because we don't even remember falling asleep, and because we forgot to turn off the lights and tv as well. When we wake up we eat breakfast then her mom comes and picks her up. She says “That was fun we’re gonna have to do that again sometime”. I replied back by saying “It was until you fell then you we’re grumpy the rest of the night”. She gave me the stink eye then ran to her car.