Domain Suggesting Guidelines

Select Right Domain For Your Website Here!

Selecting best domain name for website is an important phase. Suppose a website have business related content and choose domain for that website is .post, so this is not good things and may be create violence. My friends choose domain name is not tough work. But it needs careful steps. There I am suggesting some steps that sure help to you for find most suitable domain for website. There are two steps, they are:

Analyze website

Choose domain:

Category-A (Available domain content based and global)

Category-B (Based on the Local View)

Analyze website: first of all things, analyze website. In analyze, try to find out in the target website, what types of services provides. Services may be business, commercial, information, professions, adult content, travel and tourism related, profession, postal services, network, organization etc.

After discuss about the website services, come at the global and local scope of website. Meaning is offer services are for particular region or global. So in the first step; find out websites services and global and local scope. Now take a second steps, that suggest domain according to there services and visibility.

Choose Domain: this step also has two categories. In them first category suggest service with global domain and in the second category services with local domain.

Category-A: In Category-A, services with global domain. Some most popular domain of this category listed below:

.com (This is the most popular domain and use for commercial website)

.biz (.biz domain related to business websites)

.net(.net domain for network related websites)

.org (this domain related to organization website)

.asia (for Asia pacific website)

.aero (for air transport related website)

.post (postal service related websites)

Category-B: In Category-B, describe the local domain. Some most popular domains are listed below.

.in (this domain related to India)

.uk (united kingdom)

.us (united states)

.ca (Canada)

.au (Australia)

.at (Austria)

.eu (Europe)

.es (Spain)

.hk (Hong Kong)

.it (Italy)

I think above blog help to find most suitable domain for your website. Thanks for your time consideration. Join me on Google+ and Twitter.