Franklin D Roosevelt For President

-Election of 1940

Re-elect Roosevelt

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America needs Roosevelt!

New Deal

Within 100 days of being in office Roosevelt established the New Deal! Roosevelt acted fast when no one else did. Roosevelt worked hard to stabilize the economy and provide jobs and relief to those who were suffering from the Great Depression. The New Deal restored dignity and prosperity to many Americans. Roosevelt's New Deal also permanently changed the federal government's relationship to the people of the United States bringing the country closer together, thanks to your great President. Franklin Delano Roosevelt!

The repeal of Prohibition in 1933!

And who can forget the Prohibition of 1933! Franklin D. Roosevelt was the one who finally got rid of those long years with a ban on Alcohol. This was a great thing for more than just one reason! Franklin D Roosevelt was able to create many jobs for those in need during the time of high unemployment due to the Great Depression getting many families back on their feet!

Works Progress Administration

How could we forget about the Works Progress Administration(WPA)! The WPA gave millions of Unemployed unskilled men jobs to help keep your families off the streets and out of those Hoovervilles! The Works Progress Administration built many public buildings and thousands of miles worth of road providing a better America. The Works Progress Administration brought to you by your next President also provided new school buildings for which provided an education for the young ones who will represent the United States when the time comes. Education is one of President Franklin's greatest supporters of our public schools, make sure he gets elected, in the name of Education!
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Civilian Conservation Corps

The Civilian Conservation Corps(CCC) Which began in 1933 and continues to this day, has given many young men out there between the ages of 17-28 relief to them and their families thanks to your very own, Franklin D. Roosevelt! The CCC has shaped up many young men and turned them into great men and even better leaders! We can thank the CCC for many of our back roads, billions of trees, and hundreds of state parks all across the country. Many Americans consider the CCC to be the best programs from the New Deal but this is just on of many more to come when you choose Franklin D. Roosevelt to be your returning president.

Social Security

Social Security, brought to you once again by your great president, Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1935 has you covered after retirement! Social Security guarantees an income for the unemployed and retirees which without this program, would have a very difficult time living after losing/ leaving a job. By signing off on this program, Franklin D. Roosevelt thought ahead and made sure none of you will become impoverished when you become senior citizens which is just another reason why you should vote, Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the election of 1940.

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