All about my experience with soccer

The start...

I started playing soccer when I was 5 years old because my sister was a soccer player.

The first team I joined was just a no-cut team that isn't that competitive.

When I first joined I instantly fell in love and knew I would play for awhile.

I take a 'break'...

A couple years after I started (when I was in 1st grade) I was playing goalie for my team.

Goalie used to be my main position and I would always volunteer to play, until one day...

This day was soo cold and I was playing goalie when my whole body was pratically frozen.

I caught the ball multiple times and at the end my hand didn't feel normal, but I couldn't tell because it was so cold.

Once the game was over I told my mom and she took a look.

She told me she thought it might be broken, so she took me to the emergency room.

When we got there they took some x-ray, but knew just from looking at it that it is probably fractured.

After they got the x-rays back they informed us that it was broken and I would need a cast.

This experience made me rethink playing goalie, and I ended up branching out and playing the other positions.

The journey...

After that experience of breaking my thumb I ended up playing midfield and forward as my main position.

I enjoyed playing this position because the rush of scoring was so amazing.

One game I ended up scoring 8(!) goals and the ref told me I had to be put on defense or taken out because that's too much.

This is the game I realized that defense is what I am meant to play....

From then on...

From then on I played defense mostly every game.

I also joined a travel soccer team (Storm).

I had to play for a boys team because there was no girls team for my age.

Although I was on a boys team there was 3 other girls and I really enjoyed the competition of travel teams.

During this I also played on the no-cut team just because I really enjoyed it.


Every year that I was on the boys team we went to a hotel for a Labor Day tournament.

This really bonded me with the whole team and helped me grow as a soccer player.

We won either 2nd or 3rd place almost every time we went.

New team??...

Eventually after I was on the boys team for about a year I quit the no-cut team.

Also, during that time they created a girls Storm team which I ended up trying out for.

I made the team and that is how I met a bunch of girls that I am friends with still.

Almost all the girls from that team now go to Jefferson with me and its so fun to think back on the old memories.

We still went to the same tournament as I did on the boys team and we would have movie nights and hang out.

All those things really bonded us and the Jefferson team is kind of like a reunion because almost everyone from storm is on the team.

I was on this team for a really long time until last year actually.

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New beginning...

After Storm ended, due to not enough player, I joined a new team.

The team that I was joining was really competitive, which I wanted, and some of the people from the old storm team came with me.

When we joined this new team I made tons of new friends and we were a great team.

I stayed on this team until this upcoming spring because we ended up not having enough players for another season..

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After Stavaru began to come to an end