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Weekly Bulletin June 12, 2017 to June 19, 2017


Five Ways to Decrease Disciplinary Issues in the Classroom ....a quick but helpful read!

When it comes to the safety and security of our school community, your continued vigilance is vital. Your admin team is comprised of only two sets of eyes and ears, so when we scale that to include nearly 100 sets of eyes and ears, then it is highly likely that preventative measures will be put into place when it comes to threats to student safety/contraband of any kind. Thank you for your continued alertness and engagement.

CODE BLUE protocol: In light of our newly-equipped building as far as AEDs are concerned and the high number of trained staff (thanks to Nurse-Educator Laura Rocha and EMT David Paull), TMS health educator, Rachel Motta, wrote a CODE BLUE protocol for medical emergencies. You should have received a copy in your mailbox.

Click here for a quick and handy article on that stickiest of wickets -- classroom management.

Announcements during the day from Main Office staff : We will try to make as few announcements as possible. However, every now and then parents call in with alternate bus drop offs or last-minute walker status, we have to ensure that the child is aware. We will try harder to call individual classrooms when we can. ...apologies and thank you for your forbearance.

Reminder: Though passing time is only a few minutes long, the presence of staff members in the hallways and doorways is effective in keeping hijinks and horseplay in check. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our kids safe.

Holding students accountable: Please make sure that students have passes or a signed agenda when leaving your room. This way, we will know who is legit and who is an “interloper.” These logs are especially useful when there is a written threat or other types of deviant behavior (vandalism, graffiti).

Evacuation (Code Green) Bus Lists: Evacuation bus lists seem to be changing daily. Dawn Oliveira will put an updated copy in the appropriate mailboxes. Please check your mailboxes on a regular basis.

Accurate attendance records: ... make for a smooth school day. When students are marked absent or late, a message goes home to the parent. When there are errors, we receive frantic phone calls from parents asking why their child was marked absent or tardy. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


...from NEA's online resources site: Closing the Culture Gap:

When it comes to connecting with students, cultural sensitivity is more important than a common ethnic background. NEA’s C.A.R.E. Guide offers educators a multi-themed approach to closing the achievement gaps, focusing on Culture, Abilities, Resilience, and Effort (C.A.R.E.). Download a free copy.

We have received our TMS membership cards for Resources (Recycling) for RI Education located in Providence RI ( Expiration 4/30/18). If any TMS faculty or staff would like to use a membership card for the day, please see Dawn or Lori in the office. This is a great way to save on out-of-pocket costs for supplies or any extras you may need.

...great link about the increasingly-popular "Genius Hour" in schools:
Could this be a new iteration of Flex?

100 Awesome Essential Questions -- across the content areas. Take a gander!

Ronald McDonald House: Donna Neville is collecting can tabs for the Ronald McDonald House in Providence. If you have any tabs you would like to contribute, please put them in Donna Neville's mailbox in the Main office. Feel free to get your students involved!!!


...from Sam Cavanagh: Please let me know if you have any jobs that our students can assist with to increase social skills, job development, daily living skills and/or soft skill development. This is a great way to take some of the workload off of you while helping to increase the functional skills or our students.


Samantha Cavanagh


Room: 205

FY 18 Budget: The town's FY 2018 budget proposal gives our schools one dollar more than this year's budget. Yikes.

Classification: TMS has its highest classification in its history! We never made it out of the 60s -- and are now at 74! Thank you teachers, counselors, interventionists, and other specialists for making gains at closing achievement gaps!

Focus on Writing: Social studies and science teachers are integrating writing across units. This focus on cross-content literacy is sure to assist our students when it comes to being prepared for high school, college, and careers!

Short, powerful article from Ed Week: ...a must read. Yes, Differentiation Is Hard, So Let's get It Right.

...from "How Implicit Bias and Racial Trauma Fuel the School-to-Prison Pipeline"

...from "How Implicit Bias and Racial Trauma Fuel the School-to-Prison Pipeline"

The U.S. incarcerates more of its children than any other country in the world. The school-to-prison pipeline is a key component of this system that imprisons roughly 70,000 children per year.

Increasingly, harsh school discipline policies that start with suspension or expulsion of students lead to a downward spiral into the criminal justice system. Students removed from the school environment fall behind academically, are at higher risk of getting in trouble, feel stigmatized when they return to school, and are more likely to drop out, never obtaining high school diplomas.

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TMS is moving towards changing our special-education delivery model: for example, discrete resource blocks will be replaced by multiple modalities to support kids in achieving IEP goals -- and co-teachers, in addition to supporting students in ELA and math, may join social studies and science classes at point of need. Stay tuned for more information.



2017 TMS Educator of the Year - Tiverton Lions Club

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RACHEL MARTIN Joins Tiverton School Department's Health and Wellness Committee

TMS PE Teacher, Rachel Martin, is representing TMS on the Tiverton School Department's Health and Wellness Committee. We want to thank Rachel for her ongoing commitment to the well-being of our school community! HOLLA!

Golden Fox Award

January 2017 - Tim Leary
February 2017 - Karin Tomis
March 2017 - Sue Lima
April 2017 - Ruth Peckham
May 2017 - ?

Tim Leary was the January recipient of the GOLDEN FOX AWARD -- which was started by the Main Office staff to recognize a colleague who is a good sport and goes above and beyond (among other things, Tim is our volunteer landscaper!). Each Golden Fox selects the next recipient, and Tim has selected Karin Tomis for February and Karin selected Sue Lima for March. This is a great way to keep a chain of appreciation going in our workplace.
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Maria Clarey, TSD's District Teacher of the Year 2016/17: A True Torch Bearer!

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Jim Korney wins it all: Lions Club Educator of the Year and the Golden Apple Award!

2016 School Classifications

TMS has its highest classification in its history! We never made it out of the 60s -- and are now at 74! Thank you teachers, counselors, interventionists, and other specialists for making gains at closing achievement gaps!

The Components of the System

Classification is based on three (3) metrics or measures of performance based on school level:

  • 1. Percent Meets Expectations (also called “Proficiency” for short), for English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics
  • 2. Performance Gaps (or “Gap-Closure”), for ELA and Mathematics
  • 3. Student Growth (or “Growth”) – ELA and Mathematics for elementary and middle level only
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    TMS went from 13th (2015) in the state to 14th (2016): we know that we can break through to the TOP 10!

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