The Consequences of the internet

To learn scroll down. by Danhy Doan and Dominic Bruce.

Hello to the Internet,

It is where good stuff or bad stuff can happen or really weird stuff.

Whatever the reason,

the internet can be used for good things, but there are some consequences.

One bad thing,

If you are stupid enough to post your personal information, you just made a hacker or stalker's day way more easier. A Nigerian scammer could use it to buy a ticket to go to one of those exotic places in those beer commercials with exotic dancers instead of you. Also, they could of taken your identity.

Another bad thing,

If you do somethings, it could ruin your childhood really early. Don't do any porn, porno or scroll down too much in google images. Mine was ruined when I was 6.
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Another bad thing is,

you might get stalked by some old perverted man that is "18 years old." You probably don't want to experience the feeling of an old man touching you or an old woman either. It is probably best not to imagine it.
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One final bad thing is,

you might not get that job because of what you did like put a nude of you on facebook. Then, you would have to work at Chili's and say 'Hi, welcome to Chili's.'. Yup, a good life to have.
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Don't do stuff on the internet, even if you are a desperate 20 year old living in his parent's basement. It is tempting but don't do it. It's nasty.