Jackson's Island

1887 Reporter: Casey K

Recent News

Lost Boys

The boys by the names of Tom Sawyer, Joe Harper, and Huckleberry Finn, have been missing for a couple days now. Tom and Joe were last seen together walking on the side of the road. A strange older boy was seen with Tom and Joe, local sherrif believes the strange boy was Huck. If you have any information about the boys where abouts, contact the local sherriff.

To The Author

From Mark Twain

Question 1-
Reporter: "Mr. Twain, in your new book, I enjoyed your allusion to Robin Hood when the biys were playing games on the Island. Why did you choose that particular allusion?"
Twain: "The reason I wanted to give the allusion of Robin Hood was because I wanted to show how the boys are still childish. In each chapter, Tom gets a little more mature and learns a couple more lessons. But I wanted to make sure that he was still a mischevious and childish boy."
Question 2-
Reporter: "Mr. Twain, in your book, I enjoyed how Tom found out how much people really care about him. But why did you have him sneek back to his house and overhear his Aunt?"
Twain: "I wanted Tom to realize, like you said, how much people loved him. I wanted him to know that people miss him and his self-pitty was unnecessary."
Question 3-
Reporter: "Finally, why do you have Tom take the blame for Becky ripping the book page? Even though, Tom was already goign to get whipped for spilling ink on his book, and Becky was ignoring him."
Twain: "I wanted to show that Tom still really likes Becky. And that Tom has grown up a little since the beggining of the book. Tom has been childish since the beginning, and by taking the blame, he becomes nobler. Tom has matured enough to take the punishment for someone he he really cares about."