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October 13-16, 2015

On the Calendar

ITBS- October 19-23

Fall Into Learning- October 30; More details coming soon!

What We're Learning This Week

Reading- How to find the main idea in an informational text

Word Study- words with ai and ay in the spelling

Math- Addition and Subtraction strategies: Making number bonds, fact families, pictorial representation. Solving word problems.

Science- Force and motion

Grammar- Irregular past tense verbs

Writing- Beginning informational writing- Planning by getting facts from a source and paraphrasing. Students will choose to write about James Oglethorpe, Tomochichi, or Mary Musgrove.

Adding and Subtracting in Second Grade

Standard Algorithm Versus Strategies

In second grade, students will not learn the standard algorithm for addition and subtraction the way that you and I learned addition and subtraction in school. We rarely set up addition and subtraction problems vertically to avoid things like "carrying the one" or "borrowing". Students learn the standard algorithm in third and fourth grades. The purpose in this is to make sure that students have a conceptual understanding of adding and subtracting before they move on to the standard algorithm.

I encourage you to continue to help your child with math using the strategies that we have used in class. Please do not work with your child on the standard algorithm. It is important that your child learns these strategies. I know this can be tricky for parents since you may not have seen these strategies before. I will try to be proactive by providing explanations of the strategies we are using in the newsletter and through resources on eClass.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions. I am more than happy to explain any strategies you or your child do not understand.

Number Bonds and Fact Families

Number bonds are used to decompose a number into smaller parts. This is useful when adding and subtracting because students can use these smaller parts to make a 10.
Big image
Using the number bond, students can easily solve 7+6.

First, they would make the number bond as shown above. That would make the addition problem 3+4+6. Students know that 4+6=10, so then they are simply left with 3+10=13.

I will be checking over some worksheets the kids completed today using number bonds. I will give it back to them to make corrections, but it is not a grade.

Book Clubs

Book Clubs are groups where I will assign students a book to be reading and discuss with their group. The books assigned will be on (or very close to) your child's reading level. Book clubs meet 2-3 times a week. The first time your child's group meets, I will send a copy of their meeting schedule and a place for them to keep track of what they should be reading before their next meeting. Reading for book club assignments can be counted toward your child's reading log.

Our first book club meetings will begin Tuesday, October 13. Your child may not meet on Tuesday, but I wanted you to be on the look out for their yellow book club folder in their book bag starting next week. Please help your child keep track of their folders and book club books. The replacement cost of lost books is $8.

Class Dojo

Since we are starting the second nine weeks, I'd like to start fresh with Dojo points. Your child will receive a new points tracker for their homework folder, and everyone will start off with 0 points.

New Rewards System

I LOVE having rewards for Dojo points. I've found that the kids are very motivated by them! However, letting every child choose their reward on Friday afternoons has gotten a bit overwhelming and has started to distract from our writing time at the end of the day. In order to let students still have the opportunity to choose rewards AND protect our instructional time, I've come up with a new schedule so that only a few students are choosing rewards each day. Each student will be assigned a "reward day." On that day each week they will be allowed to choose their dojo reward when we come in from recess right before bus call. I've assured all the kids that this system is fair, although it will take some getting used to.

Monday- Atharva, Maheen, Tatum, Carlos, Asher

Tuesday- Sean, Chad, Makayla, Juan, Sebastian

Wednesday- Zaryah, Natalia, Jaylen, Odalys, Tyler

Thursday- Russell, Ryah, Holly, Milena, Jacob

Friday- Sophia, Baylor, Mohammad, Amy, Riley

Pumpkin Voting

It is time for the annual pumpkin contest!

Room Moms are helping each classroom decorate a pumpkin. The decorated pumpkins will be on display in the main hallway outside the Media Center from Tuesday, October 27 until Friday, October 30. On each of these days, students may bring their pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters to vote for their favorite pumpkin. All money raised will be given to Relay for Life, a community event that raises money for Cancer research. The pumpkins will be auctioned off to the highest bidder at Bingo Night on Friday, October 30.

Great Days of Service

From October 19th -October 22nd , Gwin Oaks Elementary School will be collecting items to benefit our county’s shelters, group homes, and food pantries. By sending in items, you can make a huge impact on the lives of others in our community! If you would like to help, send in any of the items listed below with your student, or drop in the boxes we’ll have inside our building’s front doors.

Needed: toiletries such as new toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, and shampoo; household paper goods (paper towels, toilet paper, and tissues); canned goods and other non-perishable foods; and baby supplies (larger size disposable diapers and training pants like Pull-Ups).

Specials Schedule

Monday 10/12: No School

Tuesday 10/13: Art

Wednesday 10/14: Art

Thursday 10/15: Art

Friday 10/16: Math

Monday 10/19: Math

Tuesday 10/20: Math

Wednesday 10/21: Music

Thursday 10/22: Music

Friday 10/23: Music

About Ms. Bettler

This is my second year at Gwin Oaks - and I LOVE it here! I am so greatful to be part of such a wonderful community.

My family means the world to me. We are all very close. We love going to Disney World - my brother and I are huge roller coaster junkies and nostalgic 20-somethings. We also love playing with our bichon frise puppy, Sophie. She is such a trouble maker! In June 2016 I'll add on an extension to the family when I marry my fiancee, David!

Music is a very important part of my life. I have been playing piano since I was six years old. I have also been involved in some sort of choir or band since fifth grade.

As a teacher, my goal is to make sure that students know how valuable they are! It's not about if a child is smart, but HOW a child is smart. I strive to help each child see their own potential to make a difference in this world and give them the tools to succeed.