December 17, Vol. 1, No. 16

The Dearborn STEM Academy is a grades 6-12 Boston Public School supported by the Boston Plan for Excellence.

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Week of December 17, 2018

Good day!

  • Our Project Based Learning Showcase will be held on Wednesday. Please visit!
  • On Thursday our School Site Council will meet at 5:30 pm. We are also exhibiting the student artwork of Rain Logan from 4-5 pm in the lobby of the school. Come see it!
  • Friday, December 21st is a full day for students and staff at the Dearborn Stem Academy. Students and staff begin the vacation period at the close of school on the 21st; students return to school on Thursday, January 3rd, 2019.

In advance I want to wish a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and a joyous Kwanzaa to all those who celebrate. To all of you I wish you peace and some rest over the next few weeks.

Project Based Learning Showcase at the Dearborn is Wednesday, December 19th.

Parents, relatives, community partners, BPS staff; you are welcome to join us throughout the day to see what our students have been working on. Please see the attached schedule. Check in to the Main Office when you arrive.
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We are a restorative practices school.

Ms. Felix's class ends their Restorative Circle with group bonding!
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School Site Council

Meets this Thursday at 5:30 pm. at the Dearborn STEM Academy. This is an open meeting.
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English Language Learners news...

Family ESL Class Survey

Dearborn STEM Academy will give a free English class in March of 2019. We are collecting information from families who are interested in taking the class. Please complete the google form below.

Nu sta ta ben oferesi klasi di Inglês di grasa pa pais e enkaregadus di edukasôn di alunus. Aula ta kumesa na Marsu di 2019. Si bu kre prendi inglês dipos di skola ku nos, pur favor, prenxi.

9th grade physics...

Thinking, designing, building, testing...
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Sometimes the staff has as much fun in the work!


Words that hurt...

Too many times we use words that hurt others in painful ways. Some of our seventh grade middle school students are collecting data around this issue. The same group of students created these flags to show their collective support for everyone at the Dearborn.
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Making connections...

The seventh graders are collecting and plotting the data in their math class.
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Math at the Dearborn!

Our 6th grade students use every day items (pencils, binders, sentence strips) to explore measurement & conversion and extend their understanding of ratios.
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Art at the Dearborn...

On Wednesday 12/19 and Thursday 12/20 the Art Club will be holding a Craft and Bake Sale. 8th grade students have made Ojo de Dios, a traditional indigenous Mexican craft made with yarn and holiday cards. Half of the proceeds will go to the students and half will fund art supplies.

On Thursday 12/20 we celebrate the artistic work of 11th grade student Rain Logan who is the first in a series of monthly student solo exhibits. Please join us for the Opening Reception from 4-5 pm in the lobby near the main entrance.

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Our middle school debate team and their club advisor Jen Goodman work on Saturdays!

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Debate team...

David Hutchinson, Jadon Williams, Scan Bazelais, and Edward Graustuc were in attendance representing the Dearborn at Saturday's debate.
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Making we learn, design, the media looks on...

The week of December 10- 14, 2018, our 7th and 8th grade scholars went to the Brilliant Career Lab to create VR Headsets (an assistive device). Scholars gained the opportunity to learn how to use a Laser cutter and the software INKSCAPE to design the VR-Headsets.

Scholars were asked to successfully present their fabulous headsets to two panel members using the "Shark Tank" model. This was truly a sight and it was certainly not missed on camera.

Aden and Mr. Jem did a fantastic job with students. Students are looking forward to having WIN time in the Brilliant CareerLAB! We are excited to see what our scholars will create next!

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High School Guidance Notes:

  • It’s still early but some of our seniors have been accepted to :

    • University of Massachusetts at Boston

    • University of Massachusetts at Lowell

    • University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth

    • Bridgewater State University

    • Suffolk University

    • University of New Hampshire

    • Merrimack College

    • Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology

  • During the 2019-20 school year approximately 20 grade 9-12 students will earn college credits at local colleges.

  • We were recently notified that five of our ninth graders have been accepted into a 4 year program at Mass General Hospital in February. The programs includes mentoring, site visits, an after school component and more.

  • We are already preparing for next summer and beyond; several grade 9-11 students have been applying to medical and engineering programs at Harvard and MIT.

  • High School parents and guardians; Please reach out to Mr Likosky, our high school guidance counselor with questions about:

    • Academic progress of your child

    • Summer program possibilities

    • Enrichment Programs

    • Tutoring

    • Employment possibilities


WIN (What I Need) time; students work with their advisory teacher to select appropriate activities. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays students are either assigned to an enrichment activity or to a class where they need extra support or need to complete missed assignments. On Mondays and Fridays students are back in advisory time with their advisory teacher to do check-ins.

We are excited to have so many engaging and enriching classes, during the day during WIN time.

Please see the attached document for a list of the offerings.

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Dearborn STEM Academy

Dana Brown, High School Principal

Shelley Olsen, Middle School Principal

36 Winthrop St.

Roxbury, MA 02119

(617) 635-8412 (Phone)

(617) 635-8419 (Fax)

Let's communicate!

We will communicate by newsletter with you each week. It will be distributed at the beginning of each school week. The purpose of the newsletter is to inform Dearborn STEM Academy students, staff, and families as well as the greater Dearborn community.

If you would like to add something please submit the contents to the appropriate principal; High School Principal Dana F. Brown, or Middle School Principal Shelley Olsen,

Stories, pictures, calendar reminders, club, activity, and classroom notes are all welcome.