Lumps on the Lymph nodes

By Ian Galloway


A story about people with Lymphoma, or Lymphatic cancer, and how it can affect you

What is Lymphoma

Lymphoma is a non-communicable disease that affects the lymphatic system. It is a cancer to your lymph vessels. The lymphatic system is tissues and organs that are with the lymph nodes, vessels, and the lymph. The tonsils, adenoids, spleen are part of the system.

The symptoms of this is swelling in the lymph nodes, loss of weight, and appetite, lack of energy, fatigue, shortness in breath, problems with oxygen in the brain, and a constant rash.

There is about 100,00 cases of lymphoma per year. There is also about 30 to 40 different kinds of Lymphoma.

Below is a picture of a human's lymphatic system.

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How to Know if you have Lymphoma

You can tell you have lymphoma by having lumps on your neck, armpits, privates, legs, and arms. Most people notice the lumps while taking a shower, or bath. You should talk to your doctor if you have lumps on these parts. You may, also loose weight, and energy. Most people notice lymphoma under 6 months.

Graham Silk Patient with Lymphoma

Graham Silk was diagnose with CML chronic myeloid leukaemia a type of lymphoma, on February 2001. He was having more white blood cells than normal. He needed a transplant, or he would die in 3 years. He took several drugs that doctors proscribed for him, and later his white blood cells went down.

If his white blood count was still high he would get leukemia, or other deadly diseases.

Jayne Snell Patient with Lymphoma

Jayne Snell was diagnose with AMl acute myeloid leukaemia a type of lymphoma, on November 2011. She was having trouble walking, and had problems with her head, by there being not much oxygen being pumped into the brain. She had to get chemotherapy, and it got rid of her blood count. She had to get a platelet transfusion. Platelet is parts of the blood that helps with blood cots. She later had to get blood transfusions. A 22 year old German man saved her life by giving stem cells. She was barely alive before that because she had no immune system.

Video of a Patient with Lymphoma

Lymphoma: A Patient's Journey