Exhibition Reflections

By Tate & Murtaza

This is my partner Murtuza

Central Idea

The action we take may affect human communities.

Reflection on the first week...

The first day of the week which was Sunday the 26 of April , we watched videos on youtube. The videos we watched on youtube was about speeding. We planed our ideas also. On monday we started to make a the rough comic for children. We even wrote are planning ideas in our exhibition books. On Tuesday we again watched some videos on speeding and we did our central agreement . We even wrote down our talents and skills which we could use for our exhibition. Yesterday we wrote our lines of inquiry and with our lines of inquiry it was easier to write our key concepts questions. We even made lego cars and a bike for the police. We made the lego because we wanted to answer our form question in a lego movie.
Bad Car Crashes Caught on camera 2014 - TOP 50

Speeding Facts

In Dubai 80% of car crashes are cased by speeding.

In the U.K. 3% of car crashes are caused by speeding.

So there is 26% more speeders in Dubai!

More Speeding Facts

There is 756 car crass every 8 hours in Dubai.

So there is 2268 car crass in 24 hours in Dubai!