the 2014 collection is going to make your business SOAR

It is time to get this jewelry on the STREETS... Let's BOOK SOME SHOWS!

Are you new? Have you been around a while? How GREAT is our new Jumpstart Program... HOW AMAZING we all get to start fresh!?!?!?!

Jump Start for ALL...this is YOUR second chance to make the most of our NEW and lucrative program!

Join our call today with Danielle Redner.....will give you all the tools to quick start your JUMP START!

Click here to get on the call: http://bit.ly/1eBMU1r
Hit the "Registration" button for registration ID. Password is "Stella"

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6 shows in 60 days.... doesn't that seem do able???

Every new stylist START STRONG!!
Every existing team member ROCK THEIR JUMPSTART FOR ALL!!!!

I think if we all start setting the bar high for ourselves and our team members you'll discover that YOU CAN DO IT and so can they!!! It's more work on the front end but once you've reached higher you can maintain momentum easier and you'll love the returns!

So here is our goal and BIG incentive!!!!
For everyone in their jumpstart (which is all of us right now!)

6 shows in 60 days!!!!
Book 6 shows during our Jumpstart. It is that simple... ONE SHOW EVERY 10 DAYS.... It doesn't matter if none are in January and all in February-- the distribution doesn't matter but try and get 6 shows on the calendar to be held by March 9th.
Get 6 shows booked and be entered to win The Avalon Tote in Blush!!!

You have ONE week to make this happen.... one week from TODAY... TUESDAY, January 21
I will do a drawing from everyone who has 6 shows on the calendar.

There will be flash incentives along the way for things like who can collect the most no's in 1 day.
Don't hit the 6 but booked 4?
Well you might not win the bag but it is a huge WIN for your business don't you think???

Here are the 5 simple steps to start the process:

1) Set your calendar-- highlight the open dates and offer the ones in the next 14 days (ie booking in tight) first

2) Create your Prospective list. The more the merrier!!!

3) Keep growing your list with casual conversations on the go. Put on your new jewels this week and get out and chat with people! Share the style and watch your who do you know list grow.

4) Warm up your leads- send warm up emails, texts, FB messages or mail out 10 minis or LB"s with personal notes

5) Follow up with a phone call. Do not chicken out and email them as your follow up. PICK UP THE PHONE AND JUST ASK!

you have your wings.... are you ready to FLY?

Leadership Training Opportunities

Who is interested in trying leadership on for size?
If you're at all intrigued why not go for it? What do you have to lose!?

We have all been attending the January Spring Rally's as part of the Brighten your life tour but the fun isn't stopping there.

February and March Jessica/April and Danielle/Anita will be touring North America to do Meet S&D Style Event + Rising Star Training + Leadership Training. The qualifications will be published soon but do your best to rock your jumpstart for all with sales + sponsoring to ensure a seat at the event.
-Houston 2/13
- Miami 2/24
-Pittsburgh 3/3
- Atlanta 3/17 (st. patty's day!)
- Birmingham 3/18
- Shreveport, LA
- New Jersey 3/25
- Boston 3/25

FAST TRACK TO STAR IN 90 DAYS MARCH-MAY! led by home office.
Promote to Star by Hoopla and earn a special invite to the new Star Studded Soiree (get your sparkle shoes out!)

1st time ever Star only event in San Bruno, CA and Chicago To be announced for Q2... train, celebrate and connect with home office team.