The Year of The Hangman

Gary Blackwood

Main Conflict

Creighton Got captured by the rebels and wants to go back home and he is confused which side to take


One main character is creighton and he is the Protagonist

Another main character is creighton's uncle is the antagonist


Place: Colonies / New orleans

Time:1775 revolutionary war

Beginning Event

Creighton was being very mean to his mom and she got annoyed and then she got her uncle to capture and sent him to the colonies to fight for the British but he ended up joining the rebels. That is important because his mom sent him to the colonies and that is the main setting.

Another beginning Event

When Creighton was younger his dad left at war which is very important because he died and that is what made Creighton more disrespectful and hard to control which lead to his mom sending him off. His dad really didn't die though Creighton and his mom just thinks he is dead

Middle event

Creighton and his uncle gets captured on the way to Florida. This is important because this is when he meets his rebel friends and its when he begins to kinda join them

Ending event

Creighton's uncle tries shooting Benedict Arnold ,but Benedict Arnold fires back and kills his uncle . This is important because that's creighton's uncle and that was a turning point for creighton joining the patriots.

Another Ending Event

They were on their way with the patriots to get George Washington they all went but peter and acted like the British ,but the got caught and went to jail. Then Creighton realized he was in prison cell with his dad. Peter came back for them and rescued them and then they went home to new orleans.