Horace Mann High School

News and Notes March 7th


Thank you all for your presence in hallways and relationships with students.

Next week we will hold another safety drill with our students-a lock down drill.

Please make sure you have the laminated sheets for for lockdown(red sheet) and heightened caution(yellow) in your room. If you need one please let me know.


I am working on section numbers right now and will let you know if a class is not running. We ran a report of numbers plus if a class was low what the number of students who indicated it was their alternate to see if we can run the class.

If you have questions please let me know.

Summer School

Adam is coordinating summer school. If you are interested in teaching please let him know.

We are offering credit recovery(Becky M), Algebra(Nick W), English 9 and 10 and World Studies. Let me know if you are interested.

Next years schedule

Just a reminder if you would like to go visit another school who has block for our two block days or let me know if you will be requesting summer curriculum hours or what I can do to help prepare us.

We will start planning details!

Days I am out of the office

  • Monday all day at the Midwest Expo with Jana
  • Tuesday out all day for BIE
  • Trying to set a time for Admin and will let you know

Reminders to Students

  • thank you for leaving hats, jackets and backpacks in their lockers
  • thank you for asking for a pass to leave a classroom
  • thank you for having a parking permit on your car
  • thank you for ONLY logging on using your school gmail account and for using technology appropriately

Let me know if there is anything I should help to remind students.

  • Please also make sure if a student comes to your class first hour late, please send them to the office to call home
  • More than 5 minutes is considered truant
  • If students are tardy-please make sure they are serving detentions(after their 2 freebies)

Early Release

Melanie emailed everyone but it is buffet again for Early release. I will be in the library for anyone who needs help uploading documents or has questions on their Oasys. Just a reminder items are due May 1st including your documentation log and communication log and your two classroom visitations.

PLC teams

As you continue to talk and meet for PLC and look at your data, please have conversations and share with us on strategies you are using after looking at the data, to help improve student achievement. It is good to look at the data, but continue to discuss how to use the data.

thank you for sharing with staff.


Happy Birthday today to Mary Beth Pautz!!! thank you for all that you do for us and for our students!

Good Luck to our Girls Basketball team and Coach Kuehl tonight!!

Congrats again to our Solo Ensemble participants! Good luck at State to our students who qualified.

Thank you for providing great field trips to students=Kim Orlebeke(Chicago), Jeff Stratz and JIm Detert(CAPP).

Please give me input on what else would be helpful to add to the news and notes. I appreciate your feedback!