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We need your feedback about the Owlchella concert!! If you went, tell us the good AND the bad. Even if you didn't go, we want to hear why you didn't come!

Your feedback will help us improve our concert so we can get what YOU want.

General Assembly Meeting (B)

Wednesday, Feb. 24th, 5pm

Student Center Room 200C

(B) Meetings are committee-based meetings.

The committees are as follows:

  • University Events
  • On-Campus Events
  • Off-Campus Events
  • Marketing
  • Community Service Events

If you have a question about what these committees do, you can look at the bottom of this newsletter or email! If you have a question about how to join, simply come to our meeting this Wednesday at 5 and you're in!

— Community Service Events —

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PB&J Day | Wednesday, March 16

To support the no-income/homeless community in the Philadelphia-Camden area, MCPB will be hosting a Peanut Butter and Jelly Day in Morgan D301 from 1-4 PM! All students are welcome to help spread peanut butter, spread jelly, and bag sandwiches! It will be very messy, but very fun, so be sure to bring your friends and bring your orgs!

There will be music, some food, and the wonderful opportunity to pay it forward :)

Donations for bread, peanut butter, and jelly are welcome.

— Off-Campus Events —

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$10 Tickets sold at THE REEL on Feb. 25 at 12 PM!

Mid Atlantic Grand Prix | Saturday, March 12

Our next off-campus event will be in Delaware! We will be go-karting! The ticket prices are $10, which is a great deal! They will be sold at The Reel on February 25 at noon. This includes food, transportation, and go-karting tickets! Check-in time is 10:30 AM on March 12 in the Student Center Atrium.
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$20 Tickets sold at the reel on mar. 10 at 12 PM!

Wizards vs. Knicks Basketball Game + Wax Museum | Saturday, March 19

Join us the next weekend to go to an NBA game in Washington, DC! Since we'll be in the city, we are also visiting the Wax Museum beforehand! Ticket prices are $20 for the entire trip! Tickets will be sold at The Reel on March 10 at noon. This includes some food, transportation, and both events in DC! Check-in time is 10:30 AM on March 19 in the Student Center Atrium.


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If you are a talented graphic designer, grab an application and join our e-board! We need someone like you to be a part of our marketing team, to help us plan events, to design posters for our events, and to help with our website as well! We would LOVE to have you join our team!


Think you know Instagram or SnapChat well enough to intern at a global energy drink company?

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XS is looking for you! Contact for information.

MCPB Rewards Program

Part of going to our GA meetings, events, and visiting our marketing table in the Student Center atrium means racking up points to win prizes at the end of the semester! The prizes range from MCPB T-shirts to MCPB backpacks. We just want to reward our members for their support and participation! Thank you all!

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Talk to Us!

Contact: ON-CAMPUS
Nicole Flack ( or Amanda Chavis (
On-Campus Committee plans the premier events that are held on Temple's campus for the students.

Katie Calderone ( or Danielle Snowden (
University Events plans Welcome Week and Homecoming Week for Temple students.

Dylan Rhudd ( or Hannah Mullen (
Marketing plans all marketing task within MCPB.

Josh Ortiz (
Off Campus plans all off-campus events for Temple Students.


Trina Van (

Community Service plans events to serve the Philadelphia community.

Additional Information:
Contact: President Taylor Bradnock (

Contact: Vice-President Jacob Andrews (