Ipads in Schools? Too Expensive?

Do High School Kids Deserve Ipads At School

Why Ipads?

We chose to use ipads instead of computers or laptops because ipads are alot faster and easier and les costly to repair, ipad also have millions of apps in the apple app store from games and recreational apps to buissness or stock apps.

you can find an app for anythng you desire that is why they are so good.

The Down side to ipads

Although ipads have many amazing features that help everyone to connect and woul make school easier they also have a lack of features that would slow us down

Apple has not yet signed with microsoft to make an ipad version of word, even though you can buy copys of these microsoft programs it is not as good as the microsoft version

Ipads are also very flimsy and are not protected well so children who do not take care of this device with always have a broken device.

BY Tamson and Corey