Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry.

Important Events

1) It all started on the first day of school and the kids go to an all black school calle dGreat Faith

2) When little man and Cassie get mad about the new books they got and so mama glued a new piece of paper in them and Cassie's teacher told her she would get in trouble for it.

3)Papa got his wife and children a body guard because he can never be home and he need someone to watch out for them.

4)Stacy and his brothers and sister got mad about the bus not slowing down for them so they all dug a ditch in the road. Then the bus crashed in it and the white kids couldn't ride the bus anymore.

5)The Logan's get a visit from uncle hammer witch brings trouble.

6) Uncle Hammer has almost the exactly same car and Granger and so they went out on a drive but they come to a bridge that only can have one car at a time and uncle Hammer passes the Wallaces on it and they get mad

7)Then T.J gets mama fired for telling in her because he got mad when he got in trouble for cheating

8) T,J and Stacy fight at the Wallace store and they arent friends anymore

9)T.J get in some trouble and now Stacy has to help him out.

10) Papa has to burn some trees and 10% of the cotton so that the people wouldn't lynch T.J

Favorite Character

My favorite character is Cassie. She is my favorite character because she is funny, tough, and clever. she doesn't like that colored are treated differently from whites. She had beaten up Lillian Jean because she was rude to her and she threatened her with her secrets if she told anyone so she was smart.I would most definitely get along with Cassie because we are the same in a few ways

Prejudice Today.

Even though time has changed there are still problems with racism today. racism today isn't only about colored people but also to Asians ETC. The good thing about this is that it is bringing different types of people to come together to stop this. The bad thing is is that this is hurting people and is becoming a bad problem. I feel like we shouldn't judge one another because of our skin color ETC. This could be stopped by the fact that God has put these people here for a reason and we can't change that or if people don't have anything good to say keep your thoughts to yourself because its a free country and any body with any skin color cna so what they want and when they want.
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