Scottsboro Trials

What exactly happened ?

What were the Scottboro Trails?

No crime in American history has ever produced as many trial, convictions, reversals, retrials as the Scottsboro trial. People were saying that nine black men raped 2 white girls on a Southern Railroad freight run on March 25, 1931. The struggle for the justice of the "Scottsboro Boys," as black teens were called, made celebrities of random people.

What started it all....

Everything started with a stone-throwing fight between a group of white youths and a larger group of black youths. Eventually the blacks won the fight by forcing off all the white youths except one. Haywood Patterson pulled off the last white youth after it had accelerated speed. Some of the whites forced off the train went to the stationmaster to report what they described as a assault of a black gang. The armed men captured all the blacks that they could round up. The nine captured were called the "Scottboro Boys."

The 3 oldest Socttboro Brothers

Final Decisions

What happened to the boys ?

January 23, Haywood Patterson was convicted of rape but sentenced to 75 years—the first time in Alabama that a black man had avoided the death penalty in the rape of a white woman.Patterson escaped from prison in 1948 and published The Scottsboro Boy in 1950, before being caught by the FBI. On July 24, 1937, the state of Alabama dropped all charges against Willie Roberson, Olen Montgomery, Eugene Williams, and Roy Wright. The four had spent over six years in prison; the adults on death row.

Finally the end ....

On July 26, 1937, Haywood Patterson was sent to Atmore State Prison Farm, and all the remaining "Scottsboro Boys" were sent to Kilby Prison.