How Tornadoes Form!!!!!!!

By Daniel

How A Tornado Form

A tornado forms when moist air and cold air go in the opposite direction.Then when the whirlwind go's up its called a updraft and a downdraft then it picks up more speed then it becomes a tornado.Tornadoes usually happen in the Spring And Summer.Tornadoes can go over 500 miles per hour.They can also crush huge and heavy stuff.Also They can throw stuff in the air.Tornado last as long as 10 minutes. Tornadoes form in the tornado outbreak and the tornado alley.A tornado is a very violent wind storm and can cause alot of destruction.
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What you will see if a tornado is forming

Tornadoes mostly form in the great plans of North America.They begin forming when wind start moving in different directions.A tornado forms in powerful thunderstorms called supercells.A suppercell is a cloud that looks like its about to surround you.