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The Big Freeze Edition

Welcome back!

Thank you all for a wonderful first week back and an excellent kickoff to a new week. There is no doubt that this will be a busy push over the next few months but be sure to be strategic about it. There is balance. Continue to be responsive to your students by first knowing where they are at and then adjusting your plans accordingly. In our last meeting together I stated that, "You don't have time NOT to take the time". This was in response to our conversation regarding the need to have students participate in inquiry/project based learning for extended periods of time.

Again, welcome back and enjoy some nuggets of information below. As always, my door is open (unless it is closed). Please come to me with any questions, cares or concerns.

The New Golden Apple Award Process

The new Golden Apple process was adjusted to make it more of a sought after award as well as have more school control. Below you will find information regarding the process.

This year's nominated teachers:

Kindergarten Team

Megan Berken

Gina Blahnik

Julie Brandt

Mindy Lohff

Lauren Olsen

Missy Pieschek

Lydia Storby

Ann VanEgeren

Chad Vanden Hoogen

Erin Van Enkevort

New Process:

Principal get's list of nominated teachers. Using supplied rubric, Principal makes a decision on one teacher or team to move forward in the process. Principal sends name to Damian and the Cabinet to review and give their okay. Principal notifies nominees. These names will be printed in the Press Gazzette mid January. Application is filled out with teacher or team and turned in by January 28th for blind review by the Partners of Education (Chamber of Commerce).

Feb 5: 40 teachers of distinction announced and top 12

Feb 24: Final 6 selected

March: Surprise school visits

April 20th: Golden Apple Event

As always, we have so many great things going on in our school that it is hard to pinpoint just one, but after reviewing the scoring rubric, I am excited to move the KINDERGARTEN TEAM forward in the Golden Apple process. This team continues to cooperatively work together, stretch expectations for their students and selves, and effectively implement personalized learning aspects that have made a more engaging, student-centered, and rigorous learning experience for students. I am excited to move this team forward in the process and know that our school will rally around them to support their efforts, as this award would be on behalf of ALL OF THE AWESOMENESS HAPPENING AT BAY HARBOR!!!

Sailor Behavior Expecations

CLICK HERE for the assembly presentation which outlines the process

Here's some need to knows:

  • SAILOR PRIDE TICKETS: All staff should give out SAILOR PRIDE cards to students showing exemplary leadership
  • Staff should put their name on the card as well as the student's for a chance to win
  • Student receives a clip up and should bring the card to the office for a Monday morning drawing.
  • GOLDEN TICKETS: These should be given out (verbally or with a ticket) to all classes showing awesome behaviors in any situation (not just hallway or coatroom). Use the provided clip up chart to track. When you hit 5, send a student down with the appropriate certificate to notify the office.
  • Continue to teach, model, re-teach, and reinforce positive behaviors

The goal is to keep talking about and celebrating POSITIVE BEHAVIORS at Bay Harbor and to make things fun and exciting for the students!


As part of our award menu for students who earn Sailor Pride Tickets, I would like to make a treasure chest of little trinkets (pencils, erasers, stickers, small toys, books, etc.) to fill the treasure chest. I will have a "treasure chest" in the office and fill as needed. I will also purchase some things to fill it up. Thank you.

Twitter...Let's do this!

Never tweeted before?

If you would like to participate, but have never used Twitter before, a set of complete and easy-to-follow instructions on setting up an account and getting started are available here. Twitter has it's own lingo and etiquette, but don't let it scare you. This blogpost covers the basics, or check out this post by an educator - 5 Tips for Teachers Getting Started on Twitter.

Please be sure to let me know you are on twitter by shooting out a tweet and tagging @EbelingHssd. This is the best and quickest PD and sharing of great news tool I have come across.

Personalized Learning

One of your personal goals this year is to focus on an area of personalized learning under the theme, "Student-Centered teaching": Choice, Voice, Path, Place, Pace. As a reminder, the district website is a great tool to aid in this process. Though we will continue to talk about these things as a school, it is up to you to progress in the area of your choice. My hope is that as a team you are beginning to look harder at your students and planning/designing units to meet the needs of these students by providing more personalized options. An easy place to start is in the content areas. Remember, don't try to do it all. Focus on one area, one unit, one project, etc. I also am interested in the conversations that are happening that are more project based so that students can learn while doing the project, not doing all of the learning first and then doing the project. Continue the tough conversations amongst yourselves and continue to look at redesigning learning opportunities....ONE STEP AT A TIME.

Substitute Teacher Information

'Tis the season for sickness...unfortunately. Our district is not alone in struggling to find subs. The HR department has been processing many new subs which will help a little. Having had to sub a lot in the last couple of years, I understand it is not easy to just walk into a classroom and teach. I have not come out with requirements of what you need to have prepared for a substitute, nor do I want to. What I am asking is that your plans are very detailed and your materials are prepared and orderly. I am also asking that members of the team help to support any sub by ensuring they have what they need for the day, know they are supported, etc. If we can do these things well, it is easier for subs to want to come to Bay Harbor. The way you plan for a sub is a representation of your work as and educator and our school as a whole. I will be looking into this more as we go through the next months and beginning to systematize things and have conversations as necessary.

*Please also be sure to put your absence into the sub system as soon as possible so that more time is given to find a sub.

PTO Meetings

As a reminder, it is an expectation that you attend a PTO meeting at some point in the year to show support for a very supportive parent group as well as to share good news. Many of you have attended one already, but there are 4 meetings left and no one is signed up to attend any of them. Please check it out and sign up if at all possible.

As a reminder, they have grant money and really want to support enriching types of activities that will benefit the learning and engage the students.

Friday, January 22nd Schedule and February 22nd

Friday, January 22 is an OPTIONAL teacher workday. In other words, teachers can work but are not required to work. The afternoon is listed as “Inservice”. The inservice is simply to allow teachers time to complete their 4 hours of required inservice time that they are obligated to each year (but is still not recorded like it had been in the past).

February 22nd is a non-contract day so teachers are NOT required to work.

If you have any questions let me know.

Report Cards

The end of the 2nd Qrt is next Thursday and report cards will come out the Friday after that at 6pm. Though a score on standard is important to show progress, comments really tell the parent who the child is. Please think about doing an overall comment that is personalized for your students and focused on who they are as a learner and what area of strength and growth they have.

Conferences will begin on Thursday, February 11th after school.


Though parent-teacher conferences are already scheduled, we are going to try out an on-line scheduling program called TEESO. Currently, BP, BV, LV MB, and FG use this program to schedule. I have a lot of background with the program as I kicked it off at LV and presented it to elementary schools prior to coming to BH. I will let you know more as the system is up and running.
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