Sea Level Rising

How the sea level is changing

Long Term Changes

The amount of water locked in rivers, lakes, and glaciers combined with the rising tempature of the earth are the two primary factors in the rising of sea levels. In antarctica alone eight millimeters of ocean water fall of snow, fall every year.

What's happining now?

The world average sea level rise is seven inches over the last 100 years. It can rise more in some places because of natural effects such as the land sinking from plate tectonics. Also the land can be sinking because of human related impacts, such as the ground having oil, natural gas, and water.

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What will happen in the distant future

If green house gases are continuously added to the atmosphere the world average sea level by 2099 will be 7 to 23 inches higher. The sea level will rise even more if the ice sheets in Antarctica and Greenland melt faster than expected.

Why does this matter

All the cities and people that are located at sea level will be exposed to more extreme flooding and some could even be completely.