Road trip

By Marie Valadez


The first place i went to was the bishops palace i took a tour it was very interesting. Why don't i tell you about it.

The Bishops Palace also called Gresham"s castle, is a Victorian-style house. It is located on Broadway and 14th Street in the East End of the Historic District of Galveston Texas. The american institution of architects says that the home is the 100 most interesting buildings in the United States. The library of congress classified it as one of the fourteen most representative Victorian structures in the nation.

The Gresham mansion is made all of stone, and is sturdy enough to stand the great hurricane of 1900. The Greshams welcomed hundreds of survivors of the hurricane into their home.

The house was built between 1887 and 1893 by Galveston architect Nicholas J. Clayton. In 1923 the Roman Catholic Diocese of galveston purchased the house and, situated across the street from the Sacred Heart Church, it served as the residence for Bishop Christopher E. Byrne.

The Galveston Historical Foundation provides self-guided tours of the house daily. Funding from the tours go to help the preservation and restoration of the house.

Its very interesting you should check it ou when you go to Galveston

San Antonio

El mercado

After I left Galveston i went to San Antonio and head to El mercado which is market square in Spanish. Market Square is a very cultural site it is manly a Mexican traditional site. it is a outdoor three block plaza. It has lots of shops restaurants and produce stands. They say that the market is one of Americans top ten outdoor markets according to Frommers. El Mercado sell things made from hand like traditional Mexican dresses and leather belts. Market square has working artists, musicians, and dancers. The major cultural events give it a feel like you are really in mexico. There are about 80 shops at "El mercado". El Mercado has lots of foods and beverages booths when it comes to festivals.There are lots of Guadalajara lamps along where the booths. You can hear the mariachi music playing in the distance with the excitement of the dancers. I had a blast while i was there, and it felt like i was there to experience the culture. Know i have to go, wish i could stay longer if you ever pass by make sure to make a quick stop maybe grab a treat or relax and watch the show.


After leaving El Mercado i went to the museum Guenther House. It is a really nice place its alot like antiques and things from like around world war two. It is a place where you can grab things to eat because there are restaurants around. The place is a really elegant place. I liked being there and think it was nice. I wasn't there for a long time i was there just to look around.

natural bridge caverns

The caverns are so much fun. You do lots of things you can do thee like go mining that was fun i found rocks, fossils and a gem or two. Its so much fun but a little chilly it was about 70f in there. Will i was there i saw a couple of bats in the caverns. The caverns were made in 1963 and from there they have added trails and other things so people could come and enjoy the wonders of this place i think it was very interesting. You should really go there are lots of activities.

Wicheta falls

River Bend Nature center

This place is really pretty. There are lots of plant there so just to say if you have allergies i don't recommend going you will sneeze your guts out. This place is great for learning about different plants and like nature. There are lots of activity's there that makes you learn about the environment. there are so many animals there its like a zoo but a little smaller.

You can learn about the different animals there that would be very interesting because you will learn something new. The people there are really friendly and nice they will lead you so you wont get lost in and so you know were you are going.

River Bend Nature Center Wichita Falls, TX

museum of north texas history

i had a blast her this museum is so much fun there were so many interesting things it felt like you went back in time because they had everything so neat organized and had like a stage to show you how it looked back then.

The have different exhibits about like the wars and stuff like that. I think they put in lots of work to do there best and getting everything right. They have lots of exhibits and was built in 2000 and opened on 2001 it has not been here for long but its a interesting museum.

El Paso

Ysleta del Sur Pueblo

i went to Ysleta del sur Pueblo it i like a cultural pace it talks about the native americans there culture and stuff. It i very interesting and fun. This is a place where it talks a lot about like tribes and stuff. its fun and a creative way to learn new things. the place is a fun way to earn about native americans and a lace to have fun to. I like learning abut this stuff and having hands on like projects. I had fun here and you should go check it out too.

history museum

I went to the museum today. Most museums are boring and not so fun. This museum is interesting. There are lots of historical things there. I learned about the Mexican revolution. This museum has lots of artifact so you can see what is/ or looked back then. The exibites are cool because of all the stuff there. Most of all I learned allot there because of all the history. I liked that every thing Was well displayed. You learn about different things for example they have a desplay for like what the indians wore back then. I recamend going because its very educational and interesting.

Ascarate park

I went to the park after I left the museum a use it was very pretty out side. I saw lots of ducks and might have "not" chased them. I played hide and seek and tag. The park is very big and it has a big lake like right in the center of it. There are lot a of things you could do there you could just hang around go take a dip in the pool at the aquatic center or play some golf. But I like this park it's very fun and there are lots of plant so watch out and if there are plant well I think you should bring some bug spray.

Mountains and basins


Alpine is mainly about their arts and culture they they like to have artalliers every once in a while. they respect and especially the big bend.hey care about their culture witch is like western texas kind of and they have like country music and stuff like that, like concerts.

museum of big bend (history, natural)

The museum of big bend is interesting because it talks about the big bend. It also talks about the history and things like the has lots of cool exihbits and displays to show the diffrent things and ow it looked back then.
Museum of the Big Bend | Exhibit Hall Walkthrough