See What You Want to See!

The solution to drugs alcohol, murder, and unhappiness is finally here! See What You Want to See, and do what you want to do with no one to stop you! Once you put on our high-tech Hallucination inducing glasses you create your own world, and it feels so real it becomes real. You'll never want to take them off!

The Basics

Here in HalluciNation, the world is your own personal paradise. Unlike the uneducated ideas of those that came before the creators of this utopia, in this society we understand that no "perfect place" will be so for every person. Fortunately, this problem actually has quite the simple fix. After years of scientific testing our team of trained scientists have been able to produce the first head device that allows your brain to create your own environment. Disguised as fashionable sunglasses, with the sporting of this innovation, the world’s problems fade away to leave you with only the best possible version of your life.

This utopia welcomes anyone with pure intentions and thoughts. As our new found technology is directly connected to the brain, these are things that are easily tested in our labs through a series of tests. Regrettably, not everyone will be able to make the cut. As you may imagine, with the power that comes along with applied science of this kind also comes great responsibility. Those deemed unfit for such accountability will not be granted entrance and will be turned back to live in the world they came from.

As any community, ours is guided by a set system of laws and ideas. In order to keep peace, there will be mandatory psychological evaluations as often as required. For upstanding citizens this will be twice a year, but for those more at risk, it may be more often. Violence of any kind will not be tolerated and will result in punishment of some manner, depending on the offense. The alteration or interference with any headset is considered a federal offense and will be treated as such. You may either wear or not wear the device, but tampering with it in order to change the world created by your mind is unacceptable. The same applies to the meddling with the headsets of others. A head device will only be taken away if it begins to impede on mental health or is voluntarily given up. As it has been proven, weaker minds can forget reality when put in a world of fantasy, which can make them a danger to themselves and others. If one so shall choose to remove their head device and venture back into full reality, it may not be put back on. This is necessary because, as was seen when the world fell into chaos in 2062, once put back into a world so full of hardship, the mental health of an individual undergoes a fast decline. As you can understand, our society runs on the stability of it’s citizens and those who have undergone extensive trauma can no longer be considered stable. Without this law, our community would have failed centuries ago.

To protect our citizens from any danger from the outside, our exact location is a secret, but our outside headquarters is located in Maui Hawaii. All you have to do is show up and take a simple assessment and we will transport you to Hallucination right away!

Our society is a sanctuary for all those unhappy with their current lives. So come, join us, be a part of the world you always wanted to and be free of your everyday problems. We await your company with open arms.

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Reason for existence

After World War III, the natural world was left demolished and chaotic in all respects. Crime rates rose to epidemic proportions, making the United States one of the worst places to live since the dark ages. A change was necessary for the world to survive. As has been shown throughout history though, war does not have only poor effects. Out of necessity, new weapons were created across all seven continents and out of these weapons sprung technology alike to that in myths and fairy tales. Some worked to change the world using old methods such as religion and social programs, but the creators of this utopia understood where the true future of hope lied. Years and years of experimentation passed with no results within the state of the population. Finally, the head device was created and the world was saved. Now, all of the issues of a world suffering from desolation and destruction are far in the past and many don’t even remember their lives before their initiation to this society built upon change.

Community members

To become a citizen of our community all you have to do is take a simple assessment that will determine if you are the right type of person for our society. The people we are looking for are:

  • open-minded
  • loyal
  • outgoing
  • may have been struggling with an addiction
  • are looking for a better life
  • see a future for themselves

The Assessment includes

  • A physical exam
  • A mental health exam
  • more things.....

If you believe in your intellectual abilities and health then we bid you join us. Only the world’s elite in thought and reason even consider making the journey to this society of very important people, so just by reading this poster you are well on your way to becoming great members of the community. Here, you dictate your surroundings and therefore are much like royalty of your own land. As a citizen, your wish is our command, especially if that wish includes happiness and power over your world.

American dreams and Novels

Here in HalluciNation we strive to maintain the ideals of the American dream. We give you what everyone has always wanted, the opportunity of the pursuit of ultimate happiness. We encourage freedom and there are no limitations in what you may imagine in your perfect world. The goal is to ensure a prosperous and successful nation in which no person is unheard. If you want something you get it. We have worked hard to create a environment that allows individuals to safely drift into a state of bliss. We will provide you with food and shelter, with which you can imagine to look, taste, and feel like anything you want. Because individuals do not need the influence of any other substances to experience a high, no drugs are allowed, but they are not needed. We have a 0% murder rate and we have eliminated the use of drugs, even from life-long addicts. HalluciNation has been proved to be the most effective place for rehabilitation.

Comparison to 451

HalluciNation can be compared to the world described by Ray Bradbury in Fahrenheit 451 in many ways. The two worlds are alike because of their use of entertainment within the population. While in Fahrenheit 451 every person had a "sea shell" device in their ear that they could use at all times to be submerged in sound and almost out of reality, in our Utopia citizens are given head devices as well that bring them into a more fantastical world. In addition, the use of television and being completely enclosed in a room made of screens in order to allow individuals to become submersed in another world, HalluciNation's head device uses sensors in the brain to allow citizens to see things and live according to their own imaginations. The two worlds also have stark contrasts. In Fahrenheit 451 there is only one way to do things; books must be burned, certain channels must be watched, etc. In HalluciNation, the government does not make decisions that limit citizens at all and, as long as no one else is affected in the process, individuals can create their own world any way they want to. No one is expected to think or behave like any one else, they are instead allowed to reach their imaginations' full potential and be uniquely themselves.


Although this utopia is overall devoid of flaws, as with any society, there are bound to be certain problems that arise over the years. These problems include citizen’s diversion from the law and the loss of sanity due to overindulgence in the headset (which some may compare to other communities versions of entertainment and fun). To deal with these potential problems, there will be severe consequences for extra lawful practices. Though our society will have no death penalty of any sort, a removal of the headset will be enacted and, depending on the severity of the crime, the criminal may be banished. As for the loss of sanity, as some who cannot not handle the headset and it’s capabilities are bound to make it undetected through the entrance screening, the head device will be removed and those in question will be relocated to a mental facility. Once well enough to function in the outside world they will be moved to another attempted utopia to live out the rest of their days. The only major drawback of living in this society is that living out of reality and allowing your brain to shape the world around you can leave you quite vulnerable to the whims of others. Those who lack a headset could prove to be dangerous to those who still have one on and therefore will be under surveillance at all times. If a person wishes to leave, they will be allowed to do so by taking off their headset and returning it to their local government. Though, once your headset is removed it may not be put back on, for safety reasons, and similarly no one may return to the community once they step outside of the border. This society may be considered a dystopia for those who do not wish to live in their own minds and value social interaction over happiness.