Distracted Employee

by: Shekinah Rodriguez


The employee wasn't doing her job. I asked for her to make me a purchase order and have it at my desk by 1 o'clock, it was one thirty and still nothing. I go to her cubicle to see what's she's up to and the first time I go there she was just staring off into space, I warned her , then told her I wanted my purchase order in an hour. She got to work. Twenty minutes later I arrive at her cubicle to check up on her and she's talking on her phone and filing her nails, I ask for the purchase order and she still hasn't finished it. When I arrive to her desk a third time to pick up my purchase order , she's on Facebook chatting with her boyfriend. I had to fire the employee because she was way too distracted and didn't get her job done after several warnings.

Decision Making Process

Decision making process


  • Employee was distracted and wasn't doing what she was assigned to do.

Facts of the Situation? ( 2 of them )

  • Employee was distracted and her boss gave her several warnings
  • Employee didn't pay attention to her boss's warnings

Alternatives?Consequences? ( 2 of each)

  • The employee could have finished the purchase order by the deadline
  • The employee could have done all those things she was doing , when it was time for her break.
  • The boss had to fire the employee
  • The boss doesn't have the purchase order she needed

What decision would you make?

  • I would've fired the employee the second time I went by her cubicle and I saw her distracted because first of all, She didn't meet the deadline . Second of all she didn't listen to any of the warnings and kept doing what she wanted to. So , it would've been easier to fire her.

Why do you think that this is the best decision?

  • I believe that this is the best decision because the employee wasn't doing her job and didn't care about her boss's warnings. That shows that she's not a good employee.