Mrs. McGoldrick's Grade 8 ELA

MLA Formatting Guide

General MLA guides

  • 12 font
  • times new roman
  • double spaced
  • 1 inch margin around entire page
  • paragraphs are indented 1/2 inch
  • single space after each period
  • header on each page: placed in top right corner, last name page number- ex: Smith 1

Your Heading

The heading goes in the upper left-hand corner of your paper. The heading is as follows:

First name Last name
Instructors title and last name (ie. Mrs. McGoldrick)
Course title (ie ELA your class period- ELA 1)
Date Due (written day month year- no abbreviations no commas)

Sue Smith
Mrs. McGoldrick
11 December 2015

Title of essay

  • centered on page 1 just beneath heading
  • This is in regular 12 font, NO bold, italics, or underlining
  • follow usual rules for capitalization of titles
  • Italicize titles of books if there is one within the essay title

Works Cited page

  • this is the last page of the paper
  • it should include the header and be counted as a page for numbering purposes - ex: Smith 4
  • Title Works Cited is centered on page just beneath header (NO bold, underlining, or italics) NOTE the "s" on Works since there will be multiple pieces of text being cited
  • works are alphabetized by first word of the citation
  • there are NO bullets or numbers for the works being cited
  • if a citation has more that one line, the subsequent lines are indented 1/2 in to show they are part of the previous line
  • follow all MLA rules as far as font, size, and spacing

Body of essay

  • follow all above rules for size, spacing, font, etc
  • each paragraph is indented 1/2 in
  • only a single space is used after a period
  • no additional spaces are used between paragraphs