Summer Update

Byram Intermediate School

Our Core Values

  1. Striving For Excellence - Push yourself to deliver a high quality performance in anything you do.

  2. Be Kinder than Necessary - "Because it's not enough to be kind. One should be kinder than needed." R.J. Palacio, Wonder

  3. Find Your Passion - it's okay to not know what your passion is yet, explore something new or build on what you are already passionate about.

First Day of School is September 6th, 2022! Doors open at 8:05am!


Parent Portal will open up on Monday 8/15. You will be able to access your child(s) schedule for the upcoming year. Please note that our start and end times have changed. Our doors will open for arrival at 8:05am. and the dismissal process will begin at 2:53pm.

5th Grade Orientation and New Student Orientation

Orientation time is a great way for anyone new to the building to come and visit. Orientation day allows students and families to meet the administration, staff, visit classrooms, and setup lockers. This year, 5th Grade Orientation and New Student Orientation will take place on Wednesday August 31, 2022. Orientation is broken up into 2 sessions so there is plenty of room to move around the building and explore.

  • Session 1 will be from 9-10:30 and is for students whose last names start with A-L.

  • Session 2 will be from 11-12:30 and is for students whose last names start with M-Z.

Typically incoming 5th graders would receive their chrome books the first day of school. This year, we are trying to organize it so they will receive them on orientation day. I will keep you posted with any updates on 5th grade chrome book distribution.

Any new students to the school that are not in 5th grade are welcome to attend either session.

Chromebook Pickup & Locker Setup Day

Chromebook Pickup and Locker Setup Day for grades 6-8 is scheduled for Tuesday, August 30, 2022. The following times have been set aside for students to come pickup their chrome books and setup lockers for the upcoming school year:

5th Grade (See 5th Grade Orientation Section)

6th Grade - 9-10:30am

7th Grade - 11-12:30am

8th Grade - 1:30-3:00pm

If you have children in multiple grade levels, please choose 1 window to come in and pickup for each of your children.

For those unable to make it on August 30th, your child can/will receive their chrome book on the first day of school. The school will be open on Wednesday August 31st, Thursday, September 1st and Friday, September 2nd for locker setup for those unable to make it on August 30th.

Be advised that on 8/31, 9/1 and 9/2, there will be orientations for students and staff professional development sessions happening in the school and district. Access to specific staff may be limited on these days.

6th Grade Families - We Need Your Vaccination Records

Please remember to send in any vaccination records to our school nurse, Mrs. Rafferty, by the first day of school, September 6th, 2022. Failure to provide vaccinations records may result in your child not being able to attend school until we receive those records. Thank you to all that have submitted them already. Please contact Mrs. Rafferty with any questions regarding vaccination records.

Byram Intermediate School

Tim McCorkle - Principal

Pete Morris - Assistant Principal