Avid Fall Exam

Jace White Jan.14,2016 7th

Cornell Notes

Cornell notes are an efficient way to take notes and study them. Cornell notes can help you prepare for assignments and tests. Cornell notes can also keep you organized in your subjects.



A trf is how you prepare for tutorials. By using this you can identify your problem with that subject and topic. Without this you wouldn't be able to get help on that subject and topic. https://www.tes.com/lessons/_eAEUhfc0Kr5Hw/avid

oral presentations

Oral presentations are a way of public speaking. You may do this in class when you have something to present or a topic to speak about. The main thing you need to know about public speaking is that you just need to keep your calm in front of an audience. http://laws.londoninternational.ac.uk/2013/02/21/qualifying-law-degree-oral-presentation/


Tutorials are an efficient way to study and get help on a subject. Tutorials go with a trf without it you wouldn't be able to continue. Tutorials are a great way to get insight on an unfamiliar topic. http://www.mtdemocrat.com/prospecting/avid-students-are-building-the-dream/.


Without organization I couldn't keep up with important papers. organization has really helped me throughout this school year. This also keeps me from throwing away old papers since teachers might ask for them in the future. http://slideplayer.com/slide/760268/

Community Service

Community service has taught me to help out my community and do what I can. Even if its picking up a piece of trash you can still help your community out. also you wouldn't want your community to look like a dump so clean it up. http://www.cchumanesociety.org/volunteer/community-service/


I will continue to try my best and turn in all assignments on time. I will continue to not let a comment distract my learning. I will also continue to but my best work down onto the homework or in class assignments throughout the next semester. these are just some of the things I will continue to do throughout the next semester.