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December 18, 2019

Mindset News

WBA is teaching our scholars about Mindset. It is important for you to be aware of what it is, why it's important, and how you can support it.

Over the next 2 publications, I will be sharing more strategies for helping your child develop a growth mindset:

1. Say This Not That (in December 6 WBA Insider)

2. Talk About the Brain (in December 13 WBA Insider)

3. Accept Mistakes as Learning Opportunities

One of the best ways you can model a growth mindset is to speak candidly about the mistakes you've made, and what you've learned from them. Help your children draw a connection between taking on exciting challenges and the normal mistakes that will ensure from that experience. Speak positively about your mistakes and struggles because of what they have taught you, and this will show your children that taking risks and making mistakes are a natural part of the learning process. Explain to your children that trying hard things is what helps us grow, and you can't be perfect when you try something new and difficult! At the dinner table, try a round robin, "The best mistake I made today was _______ because I learned ______."

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Angel Account

Did you know you can donate money to a campus cafeteria Angel Account? Donations to this account help pay for standard meals when a student reaches the district charge limit. Cash or check donations can be sent to the cafeteria in an envelope marked Angel Account. Credit card donation can be made online at www. MySchoolBulcks.com using the Café Angel Account Donation button.

Volunteer/Chaperone Requirements

If you foresee that you will do any volunteering on campus or attend a field trip as a chaperone, you must complete a background check. This is a requirement in MISD. A background check must be completed EVERY YEAR. A completed check will apply to all MISD schools, but it is very helpful if you choose Willie Brown Academy when you apply. If you have not completed a background check for this school year (beginning July 1), you will not be able to volunteer or attend a field trip. https://www.mansfieldisd.org/parents-students/campus-volunteers


Please join the Willie Brown campus REMIND group! This is a fast and easy way for Principal Eastlick to get a message out to parents when needed. Your phone number stays confidential!
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