By: Justin W.


Did you know that there is a disease that can get to you, and also that can make you still for a long time. This article is cited from my text that I have cited from the text. This is all about Typhus, a common disease that affects you that causes many things. Luckily today, we have a cure for this today. This disease can have a lot of symptoms, and a lots of annoying things. Now that you have learned the general topics, it is time to go deeper into this. Behold, the rare disease, Typhus.

Body One Paragraph: What Is Typhus?

Typhus is all about a rare disease that can also kill you, and is contagiously easy to spread into all bodies,(Also Humans). This is a Disease that can kill you. The symptoms that is bunched into one is rashes, coughing, and headaches too. This one plentiful disease full of symptoms. This can sometimes come from fleas, and also rats. That is all on Typhus.

Body Two Paragraph: The Effects of Typhus

The effects of typhus is that when contacted, it can cause rashes, coughing, itching, and headaches too. Typhus is a big info of topic, learned more to inform the world. This is more than a cold or the flu, this is big, and major, especially in the past when they did not have any cures for Typhus. That was very difficult to live in. Sometimes the effect can cause DEATH, and also a loss of life. This is a Major thing that scan happen to you, Anytime in your life. That why it is important to take daily showers.

Conclusion: The Summary Of All Of This

Well, now that you know all about typhus, and the effects of it, and how to prevent it, this is a few words that I have to say:There is many diseases out there that is more than the one disease that I just talked about. There is many out there including typhus to catch you. That is all that you need to learn all about.