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one child policy

one child policy or as other people may call it "family planning policy" is all about having only one kid, this is all taking in place in china. they had made this policy becuase china is the one of the mot over popullated contries in the they said decided to make a policy stateing that married couples can only have one kid.

why it happened.

The reason they had made that policy is so that it can help the parents know how it feels to have kids so that they can be prepared in life and know what is right from wrong in parenthood.The othe reason why they had made that policy is becuase china is a very over populated contry and they are trying there best to keep it not so over populated where theres a poin where they are going to start to have to kill people.

this is showing whats it all about

Chen Guangcheng exclusive interview
Do you want to change this? I know I do because i know that if this continues it may impact the world and then it might lead to here then it will effect alot of stuff. It can change our everyday life and effect our childrens that we love so much so please dont just sit down and look do some thing before its too late then your going to look in the past and regret it............ make a good change in the world :)
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