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10 Biggest mistakes every upcoming artist should avoid written by: Feliaho

Being an artist is such a big deal for you and the world. Having something for people to look out for is such a huge responsibility for anyone out there. Being new to the industry, there are so many things that you will need to keep minding so as to be ahead of the game. So many people have lost tried this with no success simply because they lacked a clear way to solve the issues they faced. Here are 10 biggest mistakes you should look out for.

1. Avoid exposing your projects

Just like in war, keep your tact hidden from your opponents. This will make sure that you are always ahead in the league. This is important as you do not get other people to copy your idea affecting the outcome.

2. Avoid wasting money on big record labels

“The bigger the name, the better the outcome” this is a big fallacy that is in most artists minds. Any good recording studio will take you to great heights. No matter what record you sign up to, your input matters most.

3. Compose music on your own

Make simple tunes by writing your feelings and thoughts. This will ensure that you make original music about you and your audience. Originality will attract more audience rather than covers and stolen lines.

4. Avoid trying too hard to please all kinds of listeners

When you record your music, don’t make all kinds of music. Stand for your own tune. When you listen to Mariah Carey, you notice that all her songs have the same feel and tune to them. She is comfortable in her own tone. This is one great person you should emulate.

5. Work hard to achieve your goals

Most people believe that artists are just lucky to be where they are. This is a lie as they have been there for a long time and they are up on their feet working on all kinds of projects to reach their goals. This will make sure you remain vibrant to your audience.

6. Don’t be in a haste to sign a record

When you have a deal in front of you, read before you sign. Get your mind together; don’t be in a hurry to pen it down. No matter how desperate you are, get the best out of your abilities and make sure that you get a background check to clear all doubts.

7. Be careful on where you go for auditions

There are so many places out there where you can get scammed. Get ready to audition in places that you know well. If you are not sure about the place, take a friend with you. This ensures you are safe.

8. Avoid being too much of a perfectionist

Get ready to have your music produced with lots of issues. Hold your head high and believe in the music no matter the flaws.

9. Avoid showing off too much of your prowess in music by a single song

This is a great mistake that most people make. Avoid making a lot effort in one song. This will end up spoiling the song.

10. Not having a mailing list

Marketing via email brings the fans that much closer to the artist and their work.

Give your music away as high-quality DRM-free MP3s. Collect people’s email info in exchange (which means having the infrastructure to do so) and start building your database of potential customers.” Trent Reznor, Nine Inch Nails

These are a few things that you can avoid to ensure that you have a successful career in music.

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