We support slavery

to the Southern Colonies!

Once you see what we have to offer, you'll see why the Southern Colonies are the place to be!


  • Get ready to live in a plantation economy!
  • Buy slaves to do the work for you!
  • Also, vote on what laws you want in the general assembly!


  • If your rich enough, get a tutor for your child! We have some of the best tutors around!
  • Let your child learn!
  • If your not rich, you learn farm work. Just like your father!


  • We have a lot of slaves!
  • We sell them at a reasonable price!
  • We have men, women and children.
  • Come to the town auction!


  • If your Christian, you have freedom of religion!
  • You can preach any form of Christian religion
  • Unfortunately, if you're Jewish, you don't have freedom of religion

Farm Land

  • We have miles and miles of fertile land to farm on!
  • You can grow crops from tobacco to indigo.
  • Better yet, you don't have to do the work. You can hire slaves!


  • We span from Maryland to Georgia
  • The land is mostly flat and good for farming
  • A great place for kids to grow up