Celebrate Manatee Awareness Month

by Lucy Shows

All Month to Celebrate!

Manatee Awareness Month is already upon us! Your odd love for one of the strangest creatures on Earth makes sense for all of November. This celebration, started by the Save the Manatee club, encourages people to help raise awareness of the manatee population's endangerment. It's a great time to donate to any animal charities, but more specifically manatees.
Manatees cause no harm to us, and are most closely related to elephants. They are quite friendly and like being social with most divers that they come across. But due to global warming and pollution, the manatees are being killed quickly and are close to extinction. Their food supply of sea plants is destroyed by the harsh weather conditions created due to the Earth's warming and melting of the polar ice caps. These calm, gentle and friendly aquatic animals will be gone forever without help or awareness from the rest of the nation. The manatees are in danger and Manatee Awareness Month is the only time for them to really get their time to shine.

This Needs to Happen, Guys

The manatees will go extinct without human attention and care. This holiday needs to become national, or Americans might never find out just how much global warming is affecting each of the aquatic animal species. And once these aquatic elephants go extinct, well, there goes the purpose of my visits to the Aquarium.