Bone Cancer


By; Kelly Merrifield and Sammi Jay

Definition of Bone Cancer

A tumor that starts to grow within the cells of the bone and can either grow quickly or very slowly depending on how many dividing cells it has.



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  • Can be diagnosed through a physical examination
  • X rays
  • MRI
  • Needle Biopsy to confirm the diagnosis


Doctors don't know exactly what has been causing bone cancer but they do know a few factors that could increase someones chances of getting it.

  • More common in boys
  • Being young
  • Being African American
  • Could be inherited


  • Bone cancer is found to be more common in males and younger people
  • 400 people under the age of 20 are diagnosed with Osteosarcoma per year
  • Third most common cancer in teens.

What Happens On a Cellular Level

The metastasizing of cancer cells to other organs is the event that kills most cancer patients

-Metastatic Cascade is the implantation of tumor cells at other sites in a complex multi-step process

-influenced by host and tumor molecular characteristics.


Someone with Osteosarcoma has four options. They can have surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, or all of the above.

The surgery: They can sometimes remove the tumor without amputating the whole bone but that can be very difficult because they don't want to cut too many veins and tendons because the patient might not have mobility in that area. The area that had the tumor and bone removed, is then replaced with a bone graft or a metal piece.


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