What's Happening in PBS?

Week of 2/8-2/12


Next week in PBS we are still working on our second half of unit 3. We didn't quite get done with DNA through the generations, so we will be finishing that together on Monday. Next week we will be focusing on how DNA is passed, punnett squares, and pedigrees. There are two more assignments and we will do the majority of them together as a class. We do have a 3 day weekend next week, and so we will be testing over this info on Tuesday 2/16.

As for HOSA this week:

  • Tuesday - Athletic Trainer Guest Speaker in the PD room for 10 PD points.
  • Thursday - HOSA T-Shirt Day for 5 PD points
  • Saturday - Volunteering Oppertunity at Valley View High School timing/scoring the Special Olympics Basketball Tournament. There are two different time slots and we are struggling to find volunteers. Please encourage your kids to sign up for a time slot, they are depending on us to provide these volunteers.

Remember all the details and sign up links are on the calendar here: http://bsfchosa.weebly.com/calendar.html


Mrs. Weiss