Ms. Perez's Newsletter

Week of Monday, March 23rd

Room 205

This week we return from Spring Break, 4th graders will be having a dynamic review of writing at Camp Write S'More. They will be honing their craft to prepare for the STAAR writing exam which will take place on March 30-31. More information about visitors during testing days will follow.

Monday, March 23

Healthy Heart Jog

Wednesday, March 25

MSC Opas field trip...wear your PC t-shirt

Dress rehearsal for musical...have costumes up at school

Progress reports go home

Thursday, March 26

2nd grade Musical...6pm cafeteria


  • Please remember to have your child at morning assembly by 7:40am. Morning assembly is a great way to start our day together as a class family.
  • Make sure to check and initial their Panther folder daily for behavior notes and school/community information.
  • Check their blue Homework folder for any assignments. Remember all homework is given Monday and due Thursday with the exception of spelling tests, which will be administered on Friday.


This week we begin talking about our Fraction unit. Students are expected to identify equal parts of a whole including halves, fourths, and eighths. Responses will be primarily in word form...example, 1 out of 2, 3 out of 8. However, standard fraction format will be shown as part of an introduction.

Keep in mind, this spring semester, whole group reading of assessments will no longer take place. Students will be expected to raise their hand if reading assistance is needed.

Social Studies

As we wrap our study of plants, it leads us into our next discussion of Natural Resources. We begin talking about living versus non-living things. The characteristics of both. We end the week discussing air, soil, water, plants, etc. as natural resources.

We will keep an eye out for warmer and drier weather before heading outside. I will let the class know when that could possibly be. Please send extra change of clothes and/or shoes if you are concerned with dirt and stains.


This week we focus on mixed subtraction problems. Students will be tested over their basic facts, i.e. 2-1, 14-6, 13-9, etc. Please practice these with your child as often as possible.

These facts are becoming more and more significant especially with the addition and subtraction of larger numbers. I am finding the students are able to work through the steps of a problem with success but making errors in basic computation.