Joseph Priestley

Famous Scientist Poster by George Licklider

Birth/Death dates

Born on March 13, 1733 near Baltey, England.

Died on February 6, 1802

He lived to be 72


Priestley attended multiple academies those being Daventry Academy, Warrington Academy, and other public schools near his aunt's mansion.

Family Tree

Parents: Joseph and Mary Priestley

Siblings: Joshua Priestley, Mary Priestley, Martha Priestley, James Priestley, and Timothy Priestley.

Children: Joseph Priestley, Joseph Michael Rainsford Priestley, Sarah Priestley, William H. Priestley, and Henry Priestley.

Professional location

He had lived in England until 1791, when angry, alcohol-driven rioters burned down his house, so he fled to London for 3 years, finding it no safer, so he moved to America, and for the last 5 years of his life, he lived in Pennsylvania.


Joseph Priestley is famous for the idea that air is made up of multiple gasses, and the discovery of oxygen.

"The more elaborate our means of communication, the less we communicate."