Quadratic Relationships

Factored Form

Learning Goals

  • Learn how to factor an equation
  • Learn the different methods of factoring
  • Learn to tell the difference between a Common Binomial, Simple Trinomial, Complex Trinomial, Perfect Square, Difference of a Square
  • How to find the G.C.F from an equation
  • Steps to doing different types of factoring

Summary of the Unit y = a(x-r) (x-s)

  • The value of a gives you the shape and direction of opening
  • The value of r and s give you the x-intercepts
  • To find the y-intercept, set x=0 and solve for y
  • Solve using the factors
  • Types of Factoring:
  1. Greatest Common Factor
  2. Simple factoring (a=1)
  3. Complex factoring (a does not equal 1)
  4. Special case - Difference of squares (Binomial)
  5. Special case – Perfect square (Trinomial)
Solving Word Problems Using Factored Form
Methods of Factoring + Examples