Emmett Kelly

by Davin Mathes

Topic sentence

Emmett Kelly has a unique personality. You will enjoy learning about him.

Who was...

Emmett Kelly was born on December 9, 1898 in Sedan in southern Kansas. When Emmett was growing up there were a lot of jugglers and dancers in Cabool, Missouri. In 1923 Emmett married Eva Moore, and started out being an acrobat with Eva Moore. Eva and Emmett divorced in 1935. Emmett remarried a girl named Evi Gebhardt. Emmett and Eva had two daughters named Stasia and Monika. Emmett died in 1979.

What did he do?

Emmett’s first job was unsuccessful as a cartoonist, and then Emmett became a circus performer. Emmett appeared as Weary Willie [a clown] in England and America. Emmett sometimes entertained people before baseball games. Emmett was a part of the Barnum and Bailey circus from 1942-51. Emmett worked as a clown his entire adult life.

Impact on the world

Weary Willie/ Emmett Kelly helped people keep their minds off the great depression. Emmett Kelly became Weary Willie during the great depression, and Weary Willies personality is a sad and depressed hobo suffering during the great depression. In the 1930’s every circus had a hobo clown. Emmett Kelly performed during night clubs while world war two was going on.

Should we try to be more like him

You should try to be more like Emmett Kelly , because Emmett Kelly helped by cheering people up by performing as a hobo clown named Weary Willie during the great depression. Emmett performed as Weary Willie at night clubs during world war two. One day there was a fire at the circus, and Emmett helped put the fire out with some water buckets.

In the end, Emmett Kelly will always be remembered for all the help during tough times.

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