Alexander Fernandez's Dream Vacation


My dream vacation is to go to Brazil.

Brazil is located in South America.

I like to visit Brazil because it is where the famous soccer player Ronaldinho lives.

What makes this destination so great is that the FIFA World Cup in Brazil was played their.

Brazil's government is led by Dilemma Rouseff.


To get from Houston to Brazil it will take me approx 11Hrs 2min on a plane.

Houston to Brazil it is going be 4,194 that is going to be very long ride on a car but if you're on a plane that is very short.

I would be going with my whole family and i would be staying for a week so I could explore Brazil so when I go to brazil i would know the place better.


I would be staying in a hotel called Novotel Rio Parque Olimpico.

It is a nice place People rated a Five star it is only $87 a night.

If you go to a website called Amoma it will cost you $100 a night.

I would need to Pack almost everything in my closet because their is going to a big pool.


From Houston TX to Rio de Janeiro its going to be 3,170 that is alot, and for my hotel its going to be $87.The food their is not expensive its only $20 a meal.So my spending money its going to be $3,397


I would be going to Rio De Janeiro that is beautiful place to be on the summer.

You could swim, surfboard,drink alot of coconuts,and chill in hameks.

One unique thing is that the FIFA World Cup was taken their.

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