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By: Truc, Kaitlyn, and Elana

Ella's Doctors

Dr. Truc Bui, Dr. Kaitlyn Youssef, and Dr. Elana Mikes

Ella Adams

Ella is a twenty year old girl with Lupus. She got Lupus and the doctors don't know why. She lives in Orlando, Florida. Her dream is to go walk in the Disney Parade of Light. Ella has always wanted to go to Disney World when she was 10. She heard many amazing stories from her friends. Including the light parade.With the help of the Dream Team she will get to go to Disney World.


An inflammatory disease caused when the immune system attacks its own tissues.

What Lupus effects

Lupus cause long periods of inflammation to various parts of the body.

Its affects the Cardiovascular System( includes heart and blood vessel), the kidneys, the lungs, and the brain.

Lupus can cause the immune system to begin to destroy its body's own tissue.( skin )

Lupus itself cannot kill but it can bring other diseases that could.

Treatment for Lupus

There is no known cure for Lupus, but there are treatments and lifestyle changes that can help manage your symptoms. Such as reducing your daily stress, and having good nutrition.


There are no foods that causes or cures Lupus. The food though should aim for a well balanced diet. It should included plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. It should also include meats, poultry, and oily fish.
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Pros and Cons

Pro: You get to have a great time at Disney World.

Pro: You don't have to pay for anything because the Dream Team will pay for you ( There is no money limit for the Dream Team ).

Con: You have to wear a lot of sun protection. It includes hats, sunscreen,sunglasses and UV protective clothing.

Con: You have to apply sunscreen every 2-4 hours.

Difficulties for taking this trip

  • You have to bring a lot of clothes that fit your needs. ( sun protection )
  • You must apply sunscreen every 2- 4 hours


Ella already lives in Orlando Florida, so going to Disney World won't be far from where she lives. The most suitable transportation would be a car, bus, or train.
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Ella will stay at a Walt Disney World Hotel.


The Dream Team will have to make sure Ella uses sunblock and reapplies every 2-4 hours, stay hydrated, and make sure Ella eats a balanced and healthy meal.