Cinco de Mayo

The Fifth of May

Why is Cinco de Mayo celebrated

Cinco Mayo marks the defeat of the French army during the Battle of Puebla (Batalla de Puebla) in Mexico on May 5, 1862.

Where is Cinco de Mayo celebrated?

Cinco de Mayo is celebrated in the United States and Mexico, but more primarily in the state of Puebla

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Who celebrates Cinco de Mayo?

Hispanic Americans and Mexican celebrate Cinco de Mayo, but it is more commonly celebrated by the people of Puebla.
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How is Cinco de Mayo celebrated?

There are various ways that people celebrate Cinco de Mayo. In Puebla, they have parades where they dress up as French and Mexican soldiers. People can also be seen selling traditional Mexican food and clothing on the streets. People also reenact the Battle of Puebla.
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What is done to celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

Cinco de Mayo is celebrated not just by parades and festivity's, But it can also be celebrated by the food that is eaten. Some foods that are eaten on Cinco de Mayo are mole poblano, chalupas, and chiles en Nogada. These are more tradition foods for Mexico, but Cinco de Mayo in the United States can be celebrated by simply eating chips and salsa.
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