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Special Edition

Two Reminders!

Hi, Folks. Happy Friday!!

I have just two quick reminders for you.

  1. FULCRUM APPLICATION: Today is the deadline for the Fulcrum scholarship application to be completed and documents uploaded. Thanks to all who have already done this! If you do not have it done today, please contact us on Monday or Tuesday to discuss options for next year. Remember...if you do not complete all steps to the application (including uploading all necessary documents), we will assume that you are paying the full tuition amount next year (with no financial aid from the school). It's not too late to apply tonight! The link is: https://online.factsmgt.com/aid
  2. BRING A FLOWER: Monday morning at 9 am, the 7th graders will be hosting an all school mass in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe. We would like all children to bring a flower for the processional. Please join us for this beautiful event, which will end with a special Aztec dance from Ms. Jackie and the middle school electives students (after the mass).

Have a wonderful weekend!


Katie Dempsey

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