New Presentations

Recommended for all Cursillistas in every diocese!

Presentation #1 - Conflict and the Steps to Resolve it

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines conflict as:

a. a strong disagreement between people, groups, etc.

b. a difference that prevents agreement: disagreement between ideas, feelings, etc.

This workshop will provide the techniques for resolving conflict and the protocol to follow.

Presentation #2 - The Four Social Styles

Find out how our behaviors are seen as positive and sometimes negative, particularly when our behavioral preferences clash with others. This workshops identifies 4 social styles: Analytical, Amiable, Expressive, and Driving. What is your social style? How do you collaborate with the other styles to avoid "interpersonal friction" and boost your interpersonal effectiveness through versatility?

Who should attend?

Both presentations are open to all Cursillistas; however, members of the Diocesan Secretariat and School of Leaders should make every effort to attend. Presentation #1 provides an explanation of the types of conflict and steps to resolve it. Understanding the 4 Social Styles in Presentation #2 will help avoid conflict.

Contact Information

Diocesan Secretariats are encouraged to contact their respective Regional Coordinator or National Coordinator to request both presentations. The Conflict and the Steps to Resolve it presentation is presented first and is followed by The Four Social Styles.