Chemical & Physical Changes

What is the difference between?

Physical Change

A physical change by definition is a change effecting the form of an object. Physical changes can effect things like color, size, and shape. An example of a physical change is water freezing. when water freezes it just changes shape is doesn't make a new substance.
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Water becoming ice.

Chemical Change

The definition of a chemical change is any change that results in the formation of a new substance. Chemical changes can occur when things like rust, rotting or burning happen. For example burning is a chemical change because if you have a match, and you light it it creates a new substance which is ash.
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A match burning creating ash.

The Difference

The difference between chemical, and physical changes is that when a chemical change occurs like the example a new substance forms while a physical change happens when an object changes some of it's physical properties like when water freezes it's still water therefore it is not a chemical change i's a physical change. this is how you know the difference between.